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Video of the week

By | Feb 23, 2011

Following the Grammy Awards, many people took to whoisarcadefire.tumblr.com, a website devoted to satiating rage-filled demands to find out who Album of the Year winner Arcade Fire is and why Eminem didn’t win the Grammy instead. Within the hate-filled posts, Jonathan Mann — famed for having written one song a day since 2009 — sings…

Catching craze

By | Feb 23, 2011

Still looking for that extra oomph to personalize your Mac products? Customizable features — inside and out — not meeting your aesthetic standards? Well, iSocket promises to protect from scuffs and scratches, preventing any damage to your precious Apple gadgets — and more. Whether it’s your sleek tablet or new-to-Verizon iPhone, style up your gear…


By | Feb 20, 2011

Today, I’ll be taking a trip to see designs from Osman Yousefzada, who has been called a rising force in London fashion. Check out some of his previous work here.

Walk, walk, fashion baby

By | Feb 19, 2011

London Fashion Week 2011 is finally upon us. That means that all of London’s most esteemed and young designers are coming out for one week of models, catwalks, presentations and galleries, all in preparation for the new season of clothing lines and accessories.

Aaron Sorkin to visit 30 Rock

By | Feb 16, 2011

Acclaimed “Social Network” screenplay writer Aaron Sorkin is set to guest star in an upcoming episode of “30 Rock” in March or April, sources confirm. Sorkin has already garnered heavy praise for his Academy Award-nominated script, so seeing him on “30 Rock” will be a nice little treat.

Celebrity Oops!

By | Feb 16, 2011

Making a public statement — that is, one of fashion — on her Feb. 10 court date, Lindsay Lohan showed up to the courthouse as though she were making a red carpet appearance. Sporting a skintight white mini-dress, the surprisingly sober star pleaded “not guilty” to felony grand theft. Lohan, who has been in and…


By | Feb 16, 2011

Introducing every boy’s new best friend — BoysStuff’s Shower Breasts. This little gag gift is one of BoysStuff’s many gizmos and gadgets that are “serious fun.” Though their provocative design may shock more than a few conservative blokes, this plastic set of bosoms has much more practical allure than the au naturel pair. Featuring two…

Blog of the Week

By | Feb 16, 2011

Didn’t get the Valentine’s Day bouquet of roses and box of chocolates you were expecting? Or worse, get a text-message breakup instead? Well, look no further than the web for some honest ventilation. With pages full of passion, fear, frustration and rage, Letters I’ll Never Send is for every lover, friend, neighbor and stranger who,…

Hot or Not

By | Feb 16, 2011

Hot Get active Whether it’s hitting the slopes for some skiing or boarding, or signing up for yoga classes at the gym, staying active in the winter is one of the best ways to beat the blizzards. Physical activity boosts serotonin (a mood-elevating chemical) levels in the body, helping fend off any signs of seasonal…

Nicki Minaj gets creepy with The Lonely Island

By | Feb 13, 2011

I love me some Nicki Minaj. She recently partnered up with the funny boys from The Lonely Island to produce a comedy music video that comes off the heels of their popular hits “I’m on a Boat,” “I Just Had Sex,” “J— in My Pants” and much more. The new song, “The Creep,” aired on…

BAFTA Rising Stars

By | Feb 11, 2011

This Sunday, I’ll be heading out to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts red carpet for this year’s award ceremony. One of the awards I’m particularly interested in is the Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award. Every year since 2006, young film and TV stars have been given this award in honor of their…


By | Feb 10, 2011

Hey, single ladies! No need to fret this Valentine’s Day. Flossie Magazine promises to give every independent woman what she needs — vending machines dispensing men. The world’s first Man Vending Machine in Auckland, New Zealand, is fully stocked with a selection of real-life single men (not to mention vibrators) to satisfy those daring enough…