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Tweet me once, tweet me twice

By | Nov 5, 2010

First, Beyonce was pregnant. Then Kanye West died a few times. And I’m pretty sure, at some point, Christine O’Donnell became a witch.

Weird but true

By | Nov 3, 2010

Riding the bus to school pales in comparison to Daniel Depaolis’s ride for spirit week. Depaolis, a senior at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School in Hamilton, Mass., dressed up as a knight ­and rode his horse to school. However, having a horse is not allowed on school grounds, and Depaolis was suspended for two days. Depaolis’s…

Hot or Not

By | Nov 3, 2010

Assistant Accent Editor Kelsey Fowler addresses this fall’s celebrity wedding gowns from the simple to ornate. Hot Alexa Vega in Ian Stewart This “Spy Kid” is all grown up, donning a bodiced ivory dress for her wedding. The strapless lace-up bodice top closes with ribbon in the lower back, while the front has vertical, detailed…

Number 968

By | Nov 3, 2010

The number of hours photographer Tyler Shields went without sleep. He met his goal to remain awake for 40 continuous days, overcoming fevers, headaches, eye pain and the loss of feeling in his legs. Guinness World Records officials say they won’t recognize his attempt, though, because it’s too difficult to prove and so dangerous to…

Shivering with antici…pation

By | Oct 29, 2010

It’s the Friday before Halloween and I have no costume. Though that’s not a new thing, as I haven’t really “dressed” up for Halloween since high school, this year seems different in my mind. I feel compelled to throw some random assortment of clothes together to make some inkling of a costume. Why? Because of…

Welcome back, Amy Ryan!

By | Oct 27, 2010

“Office” enthusiasts, rejoice! Holly Flax, who played Michael Scott’s female counterpart and love interest, is returning to an episode of “The Office” in December. And what a great early Christmas gift this is. On the Dec. 9 one-hour Christmas episode, Flax’s character, Amy Ryan, will grace out television screens (or computer screens for you fellow…

Gibson loses ‘Hangover’

By | Oct 27, 2010

Mel Gibson has been booted from the cast of “The Hangover 2” and is reportedly furious about it. To add insult to injury, Liam Neeson was hired the day after Gibson was cut to replace his role in the sequel to the 2009 hit. But Gibson’s anger about the cut isn’t really surprising — reports…

Anteaters as pets?

By | Oct 27, 2010

Instead of returning to the wild after he was nursed back to health, anteater “Pua” now lives as a domesticated pet, and his “mom” blogs about the experience of “Living with Anteaters” through the anteater’s own voice. Though reading about anteater’s habits may be interesting, any educational merit the blog has is overshadowed by some…

Man uses legos to create electronic printer

By | Oct 27, 2010

It’s a truth that 5-year-olds have known for a while now: with a lot of Legos and a little bit of know-how, a person can build just about anything. One guy took this philosophy to a whole new level by creating a printer with Legos and a felt tip pen. The printer took more than…

Hot or Not: Winter Coats

By | Oct 27, 2010

Contributing Writer Cady Lang separates winter coat options — from cozy and warm to outdated. Hot Military Jackets With this season’s palette of neutral, subtly sophisticated clothes, it’s only fitting that the trends for outerwear would reflect the same minimalistic attitude. Military jackets, with their utilitarian design, are chicly understated and provide a perfect balance…

Tyra Banks requests help to keep stalker far away

By | Oct 22, 2010

Poor Tyra Banks. Not only has she grown out of her modeling career, but she’s also gained a stalker who believes they will get married — he even left a wedding invitation in her home that stated the big day was Jan. 8, 2011. Marten Williams Jr. was arrested earlier this month for trespassing on…

Celeb’s nine-year-old kid makes music video debut

By | Oct 22, 2010

It pays to be the child of a mega celebrity, but Will Smith’s daughter, Willow Smith, doesn’t need her daddy’s fame to make it in the music industry. Her debut music video for the song “Whip My Hair” came out Monday. First of all, Willow is only 9 years old. Second, her voice and dance…