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Body image standards have shifted

By | Oct 28, 2021

Body image itself has such a social stigma in today’s world that it can impact what kind of person you are perceived to be.

Let’s Redefine How We Teach Young Girls Body Acceptance and Confidence: A Response to Discovery Girls Magazine

By | May 10, 2016

Christina responds to an article in Discovery Girls Magazine called “Which Swimsuit Best Suits You” that promotes negative body image and beauty standards for young girls.

Digging Deeper: IC Beyond Body promotes body positivity

By | Mar 30, 2016

IC Beyond Body, a student-run campaign, focuses on promoting body positivity by emphasizing internal characteristics.

Some Thoughts on 2015, Ready for 2016

By | Jan 1, 2016

I started this blog on the very first day of 2015—and 2015 has been quite a year.

Relationships & Self-Esteem

By | Sep 29, 2015

I think the theme of this week is going to be healthy relationships.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

By | Feb 25, 2015

*Trigger Warning-This post discusses Eating Disorders and mental health.

Working That Photoshop

By | Jan 28, 2015

Upon scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning, as I do every day, probably seven or eight times a day, I noticed that Justin Bieber was being talked about a lot. Typically, if I see something about the Biebs, I will keep scrolling, because he probably did something downright obnoxious again. (Yes, I’m talking about peeing in mop buckets and egging people’s houses.) However, today, for some wild reason, I decided to make an exception.

Media exposes body image issue

By | Nov 13, 2013

Body image is a messy problem.