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Author’s simple style drives realism

By | Dec 1, 2010

Twelve years ago, a 4-year-old girl was kidnapped, and now she has vanished again. Luckily, this is not a true crime story but the plot of Dennis Lehane’s latest novel, “Moonlight Mile.”

Book launches Ivy style onto runway

By | Oct 20, 2010

Nothing quite exudes 1960s collegiate American style like a navy blazer, oxford button-down shirt, chinos and a pair of penny loafers. The preppy style that was once the dress code of prestigious East Coast boarding schools and Ivy League institutions has become fashion’s newest trend. “Take Ivy,” as photographed by Teruyoshi Hayashida, is a quirky…

Author leaves legacy with final novel

By | Aug 26, 2010

In “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest,” Stieg Larsson blew a breath of fresh air into the mystery and thriller genres this summer by combining the two genres in an outstanding book where readers are forced to take a second look into a world where nothing is as it seems.

Classic novelist returns with historically vivid story

By | Oct 23, 2009

Some may remember being required to read E.L. Doctorow’s colorful account of New York City during the turn of the century in “Ragtime.” While it’s no required reading, Doctorow’s newest novel, “Homer & Langley,” is a must for contemporary reading audiences who enjoy his work. In the book, he tells his fictionalized version of the…

Diet book restates helpful advice

By | Feb 20, 2009

“Your Big Fat Boyfriend,” a new book by Ithaca College alumna Jenna Bergen, reads more like a chat between girlfriends than a book on dieting and exercise. Inspired by her horror the day her “totally hot, erase-10-pounds, make-my-ass-look-amazing” jeans began to expose an unsightly “muffin top” of triple chocolate chunk proportions, Bergen weaves together anecdotes…

Parkie infuses school spirit into blossoming fashion line

By | Nov 21, 2008

Everybody likes a good T-shirt. A blank white tee is a canvas for art, expression and even humor. Add some color, design and a catchy phrase or two, and a shirt can become a marketable masterpiece. Ithaca College may already have a campus bookstore full of nicely designed T-shirts, but a new designer on campus…

‘Paper Towns’ rejuvenates young adult novels for all

By | Nov 14, 2008

The young-adult genre has been riddled with uninspiring novels that lack any kind of creativity or originality. Shuffling through the mundane “Gossip Girl” spin-offs and “Twilight” rip-offs has made finding a substantive novel as easy as finding a needle in a haystack. John Green is one of the few young-adult authors who has the ability…

‘The Development’ isn’t just for grandmothers

By | Nov 7, 2008

From within the metal gates and keypad entrance of a gated community, John Barth’s new book, “The Development” ($18.40), eloquently shatters all images of the golden age of retirement with sarcasm and wit. Presenting the dark reality of life as it heads into decline, Barth displays the less-glorious side of getting older. Hailed by critics…

Book gives outsiders uneasy peek into music business

By | Apr 4, 2008

With the possible exceptions of Tipper Gore, cops and Scott Stapp, there’s no greater enemy to rock ’n’ roll than corporate suits: faceless, fun-hating squares who refer to bands as products and albums as units. Yet, according to Dan Kennedy in his new book, “Rock On: An Office Power Ballad,” these are the people who…

Rudimentary career book misses target audience

By | Mar 28, 2008

A major part of college is partying and having the time of your life. When you hit senior year and realize you’ll soon be entering the dreaded “real world,” the partying usually gets stepped up a notch in a desperate attempt to ignore the inevitable. Author David J. Rosen understands the panic and outlines some…

The Onion’s writers make reading the World atlas fun

By | Nov 16, 2007

For everyone who thinks Columbia is for cocaine, Belgium is for chocolate, Norway is for Vikings and has never even heard of Kyrgyzstan (let alone can pronounce it), there is finally a book that gloriously reaffirms all your favorite global stereotypes and misconceptions. “Our Dumb World” ($27.99) is a fictional atlas about real countries. Equal…

Comedy Central anchor masters the art of publishing

By | Oct 26, 2007

You know a person is planning to run for president when he releases a book. John F. Kennedy released “Profiles in Courage” in 1956. It won the Pulitzer Prize, and he was commander in chief a few years later. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has already released two books. Now add Stephen Colbert to this list…