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College announces new music dean selection

By | Feb 28, 2013

Ithaca College announces that former faculty member Karl Paulnack will be the new dean of the School of Music

Love That Dirty Water

By | Nov 13, 2011

This blog post brought you by the spirit of competition after the Boston Bruins hammered the Buffalo Sabres to the tune of 6-2. While my roommate (from Buffalo) was less than pleased, I took great pleasure in each additional scoring play. When the siren finally sounded, I sat there thinking about a certain Boston tradition.…

Weird week, huh?

By | Sep 29, 2011

As I believe I mentioned in the last post, it’s been quite the week in sports. Thing is, it wasn’t really shaping up that way at first. Let me back up a bit. On Sunday, I went along on IC Hillel’s pre-Rosh Hashanah apple-picking trip to Littletree Orchards in Newfield. I did this partly because…

Boston Beat: Girls @ Paramount

By | Sep 26, 2011

Ok. This is the last Girls related blog post. I swear…at least for the month of September. You may remember that last week I had “Vomit” as the Song of the Week. Well, I went to Boston this weekend and saw them live for the first time, and it was a solid show.   I…