February 5, 2023
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Commentary: Brain injury awareness needs to be illuminated

By | Mar 4, 2021

It is crucial to remember that those who have sustained brain injuries are valuable members of our communities too and deserve utmost respect. 

Psychology lecturer explores how bilingual people process language

By | Sep 10, 2018

Laura Muscalu, lecturer in the Department of Psychology, spent her time in graduate school wondering what goes on in the brain when a bilingual person tries to juggle multiple languages.

Beer compounds trigger brain’s reward system

By | Apr 17, 2013

Friday has become synonymous with happy hour, when workers retire to their favorite watering hole and enjoy a cold one with friends. The booze serves as a reward for working through the 40-hour workweek, but recent studies suggest that the taste beer itself, and not the alcohol, can trigger the brain’s reward system as well.…