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‘Pop Off!’ – “Better Call Saul” Episodes

April 23, 2024
Host first year Ethan Kaufman is joined by guest first year student Beth Taylor to discuss their top 10 episodes of "Better Call Saul," the spinoff series to "Breaking Bad."

‘Pop Off!’ – “Breaking Bad” (2008-2013)

March 5, 2024
Host first year student Ethan Kaufman welcomes guest Beth Taylor to rank their top 5 episodes of the crime drama television series "Breaking Bad" (2008-2013).
From left, Dell Scott (Kevin Hart) and Phillip Lacasse (Bryan Cranston) have an unlikely, heartwarming friendship. However, The Upsides plot is predictable and stereotypical.

Review: “The Upside” is heartwarming but cliche

By Ash Bailot January 23, 2019

Kevin Hart’s comedic skills and chemistry with Bryan Cranston creates a feel-good, laugh-out-loud drama that focuses on an unlikely friendship between two very different people. "The Upside" had a...

Director Wes Anderson returns to stop-motion animation with his newest film, Isle of Dogs.

Review: Anderson’s animation brings beauty to bleak dystopia

By Antonio Ferme, Staff Writer April 17, 2018
It’s more clear than ever that Hollywood needs to create more adventure stories like “Isle of Dogs” that perfectly blend action, humor and heart.
Larry Shepherds (Steve Carell) son dies in battle, and Shepard is sent on a journey that reunites him with his old war buddies, Sal Nealson (Bryan Cranston) and Reverend Richard Mueller (Laurence Fishburne).

Review: Linklater’s latest lets performances thrive

By Liam Conway, Staff Writer December 6, 2017
Despite the strength of the performances, there are moments where it feels like good acting is all the movie has to offer.

Action flick swerves past usual themes

By Michael Reyes, Contributing Writer September 28, 2011
In “Drive,” director Nicolas Refn defies the mainstream formula for action movies by trading witty one-liners and 30-minute explosion sequences for a meaningful character struggle and a love story that doesn’t rely on a one-dimensional hot babe in a fast car.
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