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Commentary: “Broke” college student trivializes lower-class issues

By | Apr 26, 2017

There’s a vast difference between not wanting to pay your loans and not having a roof over your head.

National Recap: Trump’s war on media continues

By | Mar 1, 2017

Trump’s frequent peddling of “fake news” has often come in the wake of negative news reports about his administration or his policies.

Students lack awareness of fake news

By | Jan 23, 2017

Fake news stories proliferated during the election, to glorify or vilify either candidate, according to a news analysis by BuzzFeed News.

Commentary: Buzzfeed editor and alumnus offers job advice

By | Apr 20, 2016

I work at BuzzFeed and people love making references to our lists (we don’t say “listicles”), so here are three fundamental truths I’ve learned that might help.

Learn The Basics, BuzzFeed

By | Jan 30, 2015

Anyone who is anyone knows that BuzzFeed.com is one of the most trendy websites to emerge within the last ten years. Whether it’s covering news, providing quizzes, teaching life lessons, or putting our feelings into words, BuzzFeed seems to have anything and everything a person could ever ask for. I mean, I definitely needed to know which celebrity stoner should be my best friend and that moms are sending hilarious texts about “Snowmageddon 2015”. (Eye rolls into another dimension.)


By The Ithacan | Dec 13, 2013

Your answer for what to do this weekend.