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Caffeine Fix: Review of select drinks

Caffeine Fix: Review of select drinks

By Arleigh Rodgers December 12, 2019

Gimme! Coffee: Latte $4 (medium), $4.25 (large) When compared to Ithaca Bakery’s specialty drinks, a latte is perhaps the most diverse offering on Gimme! Coffee’s menu. However, the...

The different effects of coffee

The different effects of coffee

By Miranda Ella, Staff Writer October 7, 2018
Just because coffee helps me focus and helps my friend wake up doesn’t mean that it will do the same for you.
The IC Vietnamese Student Association was founded by seniors Tra Nguyen, Cathy Tran, juniors Trag Kim and Nga Ruckdeschel and sophomore Ly Do to create a dialogue between Vietnamese culture and other cultures.

IC Vietnamese club fosters multicultural conversation

By Kara Bowen, Staff Writer November 29, 2017
“It’s kind of a way we can pass it along to the next people, even if they’re not Vietnamese, if they’re interested,” Nguyen said.
After 25 years, “Twin Peaks: The Return” reignited a mystery which fans have been eager to solve. The original showrunners David Lynch and Mark Frost also returned to finish the story of Special Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) and the town of Twin Peaks.

Review: David Lynch reignites classic supernatural mystery

By Jake Leary, Life and Culture Editor September 7, 2017
For better or worse, the result is a television series that is at times a work of surrealist genius and at others an incomprehensible mess.
Challenge #2: Washed with Water

Challenge #2: Washed with Water

By Kylee Roberts, Blogger September 27, 2015
Living here also means that we are lucky enough to have constant and clean connections to water. So, let's utilize it! This week, I challenge myself and everyone to drink water as their only beverage.
Tea culture of Europe and Asia permeates United States

Tea culture of Europe and Asia permeates United States

By Mary Ford, Staff Writer October 29, 2014
In recent years, Americans have embraced tea drinking. Caravan Serai Tea, a new tea shop in Ithaca on The Commons, has expanded Ithaca's tea market.
A new coffee cart is now open in the Ithaca College library.

Video: New Coffee Shop

By Stephen Adams December 4, 2013

Research shows students have increased their consumption of coffee and other caffeinated substances.

Jitterbug: Students’ use of caffeine increases during midterm period

By Evin Billington, Assistant Accent Editor October 9, 2013
Research and studies have shown that the addiction rates of student caffeine consumption has risen in recent years.

“Pasta or chicken?”

By Lucy Walker October 23, 2011
So… how do we impact food? The wonderfully general and unhelpful answer would be: through our actions. But to actually figure it out, I’d like to look at one particularly unique situation of food found in cultures around the world. Airplane food. It would be unfair to assume that airplane food is a part of…

Lounging with a view

By Rebecca Webster September 10, 2010
Do you know what I am doing this very second? I am kicked back, listening to good vibe music, sipping a frozen hot chocolate with drizzled chocolate on the top, enjoying an exquisite view of the city of Ithaca, and thinking to myself that I think I found my new hotspot on campus. I know…
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