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From left, former Harvard offensive lineman Alec Bank stands in the tunnel with his Ivy League teammates prior to the Dream Japan Bowl on Jan. 21. The Ivy League All-Stars rostered four former Cornell University players in the 52 man roster.

Ivy League football players culminate conference careers in Dream Japan Bowl

By Billy Wood, Sports Editor February 7, 2024
A cultural experience and a culmination of collegiate football careers occurred in Tokyo, Japan, on Jan. 21, 6,752 miles away from Schoellkopf Field in Ithaca. This was not an average Ivy League football game — this was the Dream Japan Bowl.
How IC Sports - Football Running Back Jake Williams

‘How IC Sports’ – Football Running Back Jake Williams

April 5, 2023

Tune in to hear sophomore host Luke Cammarata talk with junior Jake Williams about his experience on the field as Ithaca College's football running back.

How IC Sports - Senior Linebacker Noah Wood

‘How IC Sports’ – Senior Linebacker Noah Wood

By The Ithacan, Gabby Laccona & Kaitlin Maniscalco September 18, 2020

The Ithacan · 'How IC Sports' - Senior Linebacker Noah Wood In this episode, hosts Gabby Laccona and Kaitlin Maniscalco sit down with senior linebacker Noah Wood. They discuss Wood's football career...

How IC Sports- Defensive Lineman John Hadac

‘How IC Sports’- Defensive Lineman John Hadac

October 10, 2019 Hosts Kaitlin Maniscalco and Gabby Laccona talk to defensive lineman John Hadac '20 about his Ithaca football career, nomination...

The Real “Madness” Is Off-Court for the NCAA

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa March 24, 2014

It’s ironic that on the same week of the event that generates 90 percent of the NCAA’s revenue, an anti-trust lawsuit was filed against it that cuts at the legs of the amateurism upon which the institution...

Jadeveon Clowney should be in Madden ’14

By Andrew Kristy February 14, 2013
You've seen the hit (if you haven't, watch). So, that dude is a year younger, a foot taller and 100 pounds heavier than me. Can you even imagine bumping into him in the halls? Probably feels like you're casually getting run over by a house. An absolute mammoth human being. Would go number one in…

What to do about Marcus Lattimore

By Andrew Kristy October 30, 2012
What do you say to Marcus Lattimore?

College football jersey craze: an ode to swag

By Andrew Kristy August 30, 2012
A short, semi-serious post about how college football teams are luring recruits.

With a bang and a whimper

By Alex Holt November 10, 2011
Few coaches have shaped Division I-A college football as much as Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno. Not counting Bowden's junior college-coaching days or 12 NCAA-vacated wins, these two coaches have combined to date for four national championships, 786 wins, 19 conference titles and 45 bowl game wins. Paterno's been employed by Penn State University as…

A Fresh Start

By Dave Uram September 12, 2010
There's always that "buzz" in a new beginning, no matter what the circumstance is. The start of a new job has a buzz. The first time you go out with a particular girl or guy has a buzz. The opening to a new school year, for a select few at least, has a buzz. Well…
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