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Senior Caroline Peyron, president of ICYAL, said the activity was meant to remind students about their right to free speech and assembly and allowed students to write on a giant beach ball over five feet in height. Later in the day, the situation escalated when some students slashed the ball and argued with the organizers.

Free speech activity causes mixed reactions from campus

By Prakriti Panwar, Contributing Writer October 10, 2022
Ithaca College students engaged in heated discussions Oct. 5 on the academic quad outside of Campus Center around a free speech ball set up by the college’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter
Country artists defy genres conservative foundations

Country artists defy genre’s conservative foundations

By Eva Salzman, Staff Writer November 5, 2020
The culture of country music has always been a conservative one, with the music being rooted in Southern tradition.
In My Own Words: Lucas Veca

In My Own Words: Lucas Veca

By Nick Friend, Podcast Editor December 14, 2017

In this week’s episode of “In My Own Words,” Glenn Epps sits down with Lucas Veca, an SGC senator, conservative Republican and one of the organizers of the gun rights lecture from Larry Pratt...

Conservative and liberal students have known to clash in the classroom at Ithaca College but the intellectual diversity debate has taken a new spin since the presidential election of Donald Trump.

Students struggle for intellectual diversity at Ithaca College

By Grace Elletson and Samantha Mendiguren February 15, 2017
Preceding the presidential election many of Trump’s supporters were not timid about supporting him publicly. But on college campuses, many were quiet.
Junior English major Justin Henry created The Ithaca College Chronicle, an online magazine that has sections devoted to news, opinion, essays, fiction and poetry.

Q&A: IC junior launches magazine to bridge political divides

By Daniel Hart, Staff Writer February 1, 2017
Staff Writer Daniel Hart spoke with Justin Henry about his new magazine, political divides in the community and his experiences as a journalist.

Slideshow: Election night in Ithaca community

By Rachel WoolfShawn Steiner November 7, 2012
It was a close race, but Barack Obama pulled ahead to win the presidential re-election. Take a look at 2012 election night in Ithaca.
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