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Review: Foo Fighters’ rock-and-roll record flops

By | Sep 20, 2017

The rest of the Foo Fighters’ discography just makes this album look lackluster.

Review: Foo Fighters mellow album plays smoothly

By | Nov 19, 2014

Foo Fighter’s latest album “Sonic Highways” is an excellent portrayal of the group’s signature rock sound.

Dave Grohl Readies “Sound City” Project

By The Ithacan | Feb 17, 2012

Even though he just hauled in five Grammy awards on Sunday, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl is showing no signs of resting on his laurels. Grohl recently announced he is involved with a new documentary called “Sound City.”   “Sound City” is inspired by a recording studio in San Fernando Valley where Nirvana recorded. Grohl…

Gloves Are Off: Westboro Baptist Church vs. The Foo Fighters

By | Sep 18, 2011

Who dares to take on the Foo Fighters? Everyone’s favorite group of crazies, the Westboro Baptist Church does. Back on August 30th, the roving band of gay-haters took their act over to Kansas City to protest the Foos’ concert while brandishing their “thank God for dead soldiers” signage. As one may surmise, the funniest guy…