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Kristy’s Corner: NBA Playoffs need vintage NBA toughness

By | Apr 22, 2014

Columnist Andrew Kristy describes the one key aspect of play missing from the NBA playoffs compared to the past.

One Month In, Silver Setting A Precedent

By | Mar 5, 2014

It’s only been just more than a month since Adam Silver took the reins from David Stern as NBA commissioner, but the 51-year old is already making his mark and showing receptiveness to more structural changes than the league has seen in years.

Free Chris Paul

By | Dec 10, 2011

My first instinct Thursday when I heard that the Los Angeles Lakers were in the process of trading for superstar point guard Chris Paul from the temporarily NBA-owned New Orleans Hornets in a three-team megadeal also involving the Houston Rockets was to groan at the idea of the Lakers acquiring yet another star player. This…

NBA risks losing fans

By | Oct 5, 2011

Lockouts have become a common occurrence in the four major American professional sports leagues and are an easy way to distance fans from the games they love.