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Editorial: SGC’s electoral decisions subvert democratic rights

Editorial: SGC’s electoral decisions subvert democratic rights

By The Ithacan May 3, 2023
The decision to keep the voting results of an election a secret is part of larger anti-democratic trends happening around the world.
Senior Akshan Shah examines the Indian government after the release of three bills that remove agricultural protections for small farmers, who have led protests since August.

Commentary: India — Overview of The Authoritarian Failure

By Akshan Shah March 3, 2021
A significant aspect of the movement is that it brings together different factions of the rural farming society across tribes, castes and religions.
 Ithaca College junior Erin McCarthy writes about the importance of voting and how people should not be discouraged from mail-in voting.

Commentary: Discouraging mail-in voting is voter suppression

By Erin McCarthy October 21, 2020
At the end of the day, on Nov. 3, the greatest way to have rebelled against Trump’s suppressive tactics is to have voted in this election.
Josh Brokaw, the founder of TruthSayers in Ithaca, writes that the  media needs to inform citizens, not distract them from the issues.

Commentary: Media to blame for death of democracy

By Josh Brokaw September 13, 2017
Your old friend and mine, one Democratic Citizen, could be lying facedown, passed out, fully prostrate in a grimy public space near you.
Vedat Demir studied at Ithaca College as a visiting scholar-in-residence between 2012–14. Now, hes been arrested and placed in Turkish prison after he was thought to have been an accomplice in the failed military coup which took place in Turkey on July 15.

Former IC visiting scholar imprisoned by Turkish government

By Grace Elletson, Assistant News Editor September 21, 2016

Vedat Demir, who was a visiting scholar-in-residence at Ithaca College from 2012–14 and researched political communication in federal election campaigns, has been imprisoned in Turkey without a set end-date. Demir...

After 3,000, the Climate Marchers arrive at their destination in the nations capitol

Obama, did you hear us knocking?

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer November 7, 2014
I looked around the crowd and saw mostly familiar faces. Our words were not falling on any new ears, let alone any ears belonging to a person who had the authority to create immediate action and change.

Commentary: Protestors’ calls for democracy must be heard

By Sharon Li October 22, 2014
The reason behind the protest is not just to express Hong Kong people’s voices. It is to raise awareness for the rest of the world about how China is treating Hong Kong.

Visiting writer discusses free press and media policy

By Brandon Adelbock, Contributing Writer September 27, 2013
Contributing writer Brandon Adelbock spoke with Robert McChesney about his media policy work, his recent books and the non-profit organization Free Press.

Foreign policy post-Chavez

By Rachael Hartford March 24, 2013
Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s self-proclaimed “Bolivarian” leader, passed away March 5, leaving many around the world asking: What will Venezuela look like without Chavez? Chavez, who led the country since taking power in 1998, seems to be just as divisive in death as he was when he was alive. Even his interim successor was contentious. Chavez…

Video: Juan Gonzalez and “The Epic Story of Race and U.S. Media”

By Jaclyn Cataldi February 28, 2013
Democracy Now! co-host Juan Gonzalez comes to Ithaca College to discuss "The Epic Story of Race and U.S. Media." Get an inside look at his Q&A with senior journalism major Nicole Orgrysko and speech in Emerson Suites this past Monday.
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