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National Recap: Stacey Abrams makes significant gains for Democratic Party

National Recap: Stacey Abrams makes significant gains for Democratic Party

By John Turner, Opinion Editor November 10, 2020
Stacey Abrams, a one-time candidate for Georgia governor, has been credited with helping to garner more Democratic support in Georgia.
Senate Republicans actions demonstrate hypocrisy

Senate Republicans actions demonstrate hypocrisy

By John Tagliani October 5, 2020
Trump’s appointment will affect my entire adult life — when I turn 61 and am looking to retire, Coney Barrett might be doing the same at age 90.
Despite being approximately two full years away, the 2020 presidential election is already heating up.

IC students give their takes on 2020 race

By Ryan King, Assistant News Editor January 30, 2019
Preparations for the next presidential election are already underway — nine major-party candidates that have already declared their candidacy.
From left, freshmen John Bourdelais and Emma Lewis show their support for their respective presidential picks, Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

Young voters increase turnout and influence in 2016 elections

By Evan Popp, Staff Writer April 7, 2016
“I think this 2016 election has probably been one of the most interesting in at least the past 100 years,” sophomore Kyle Stewart said. “Definitely in my short lifetime of 20 years.”
John Balduzzi ’01 founded The Balduzzi Group, a Democratic Party  political consulting firm based in New York and Washington, D.C.

Commentary: Sanders has changed the political discourse

By John Balduzzi April 6, 2016
Senator Sanders, and believe it or not Donald Trump, have proven that there is still a place in the national political arena for “outsiders.”

Conservatives care about poverty, too

By Kyle Stewart March 29, 2016
When Republicans avoid discussing poverty, it appears that they do not care about people in need. This needs to change.

The candidates we need

By Kyle Stewart March 9, 2016
If Americans are so frightened of one candidate’s holding presidential power that they would flee the country, the president has too much power.

Mayor Myrick re-elected, IC associate dean elected to 3rd Ward

By Jessica Ferreira, Contributing Writer November 4, 2015
Svante Myrick was re-elected Mayor of the City of Ithaca and Rob Gearhart, interim associate dean of the Roy H. Park School of Communications, was elected alderperson in Ithaca’s 3rd Ward Nov. 3.
Youth vote secures Obama’s second term

Youth vote secures Obama’s second term

By Nicole Ogrysko, Senior Writer November 8, 2012
According to CNN exit polls, 60 percent of youth voters — aged 18 to 29 — voted for President Obama’s re-election, while 37 percent of young voters picked Gov. Mitt Romney. In 2008, 66 percent of young voters chose Obama, leaving 31 percent to vote for Republican Sen. John McCain.

Election results mark new era

By Rachael Hartford November 8, 2012
President Obama won his second term by winning minority voters, particularly Hispanics, women and young voters. Some feared Obama’s voter turnout would be stifled by a lack of excitement about the election this year. This was not the case. While a win for the Obama camp was expected, it is where he drew support from…

Video: Students give feedback during election night 2012

By Jaclyn Cataldi November 8, 2012
Ithaca College students gathered in Emerson Suites to get updates and hear poll results. Hear about student reactions during election night.

Video: Snap Judgment – How faculty political views affect education

By Erica Moriarty November 7, 2012
A study conducted by Ithaca College Republicans shows that over 90 percent of faculty are registered as a Democrat or Green. Students answered whether they think this affects their education. Here is the release.
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