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Senior Caroline Peyron, president of ICYAL, said the activity was meant to remind students about their right to free speech and assembly and allowed students to write on a giant beach ball over five feet in height. Later in the day, the situation escalated when some students slashed the ball and argued with the organizers.

Free speech activity causes mixed reactions from campus

By Prakriti Panwar, Contributing Writer October 10, 2022
Ithaca College students engaged in heated discussions Oct. 5 on the academic quad outside of Campus Center around a free speech ball set up by the college’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter
Editorial: Young adults need to vote

Editorial: Young adults need to vote

By The Ithacan October 16, 2020
During such a contentious election cycle, everyone should be involved. Even if a student does not feel like their vote matters, it does.

Editorial: Youth must turn energy into informed votes

April 13, 2016
Youth voting is making the long-awaited upturn, but we cannot make it for the wrong, misguided reasons.
Donathan Brown, assistant professor in the Department of Communication Studies, recently co-authored a book entitled Voting Rights under Fire: The Continuing Struggle for People of Color, in which he discusses the many debates surrounding the right to vote.

Commentary: Belief in extensive voter fraud is misguided

By Donathan Brown September 1, 2015
We are extremely confident saying widespread voter fraud is a myth and indeed retrogressive.
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