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Sophomore Samantha Ruiz writes about Victorias Secrets Tour 23 and their adaptive collection and the differences between these two initiatives that may send a problematic message.

Commentary: Is ableism still Victoria’s Secret?

By Samantha Ruiz November 10, 2023
Victoria's Secret has been scrambling to reshape its reputation and combat previous allegations of promoting body dysphoria. The brand has been on a fashion show hiatus since 2019, taking a break to revamp. Returning to the stage, Victoria's Secret went to four countries to host the Victoria Secret Tour ’23 this year, which can be streamed on Amazon Prime.
Daphne Frias, a youth activist who focuses on the intersectionality of climate change and disability, spoke as a keynote speaker during Ithaca College’s Sustainability Week about the necessity of social media to influence people to care and educate themselves about the climate crisis. 

Youth activist discusses climate change and disability

By Vivian Rose, Staff Writer April 24, 2023
Daphne Frias spoke about the necessity of social media to influence people to care about the climate crisis during Sustainability Week. 
Senior Megan Handley thinks that accessibility for disabled students at Ithaca College is  not advanced. She is upset about the lack of sympathy toward disabled students’ needs.

Commentary: Students with disabilities need more support

By Megan Handley April 18, 2023
I was sitting in a squalid dorm room with a 104-degree fever. I went home and I missed a week of classes.
Freshman Madolyn Laurine struggles with chronic pain on a daily basis and writes that students shouldn’t have to prove their disabilities to their peers in order to use an elevator to get to classes.

Commentary: Chronic pain needs to be respected

By Madolyn Laurine February 20, 2018
I am fully reminded of my circumstances and the challenges I face when kept from the help I need — be it an elevator, a handrail, or more space in the hall.
From left, freshman Madeleine McElfresh, sophomore Julia Williamson, freshman Lindsey Caliga and sophomores Erin Kohler and Clara O’Connor attend the Spectrum event April 19.

IC Color Week celebrates diversity on campus

By The Ithacan April 17, 2016
A weeklong series of events called IC Color will celebrate the spectrum of identities that make up the Ithaca College campus.
A lawsuit filed against Ithaca College on Oct. 8, 2015, that sought $10 million in damages over a lack of disability compliance, has been resolved in the colleges favor.

Former student files lawsuit against Ithaca College

By Faith Meckley, Assistant News Editor October 28, 2015
A former Ithaca College student filed a $10 million lawsuit Oct. 8 against the college under the Americans with Disabilities Act for failing to provide accommodations for a physical handicap.

Class holds discussion on definitions of disability

By Elizabeth Taylor, Contributing Writer November 24, 2013
The “What is Disability?” presentation used statistics, history, law and other areas to explore different views and definitions of disability.
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