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The Backstreet Boys are back on the music scene with their album DNA. This addition to their list of works is a perfect combination of the current music industry trends and the groups classic pop sound.

Review: Backstreet’s Back with “DNA”

By Noa Covell February 3, 2019

From the iconic ‘90s boy band that brought audiences timeless songs like “I Want it That Way” and “Everybody,” comes a new album called “DNA.” The Backstreet Boys has resurfaced into the...

The Intermediate and Advanced Drawing classes collaborated with a biology research lab to study oral microbiomes and how they tie into into a persons understanding of their identity.

Art and biology students participate in creative collaboration

By Sierra Guardiola, Life and Culture Editor March 21, 2018
“In making art, ideally you know what is happening in your world,” Sarah Sutton said. “Understanding current science for art students is really important.”
Kendrick Lamars newest album, DAMN., released April 14 and features guest appearances by U2, Rihanna and Zacari. DAMN. is Lamars sixth album and follows the 2016 release untitled unmastered.

Review: Kendrick Lamar conquers the hip-hop competition

By Matt Maloney, Assistant Multimedia Editor April 26, 2017
It may not be a straightforward classic like “good kid, m.A.A.d city,” or sonically experimental like “To Pimp a Butterfly,” but it has mass appeal.
Sophomore Leah Larsen and junior Jacqueline Alexander researched gene mutations in roundworms which determine if they are resting or dying. Alexander is still working on this project.

Q&A: Ithaca College biology students research gene mutations

By Meg Tippett, Staff Writer October 5, 2016
C. elegans, a specific type of roundworm, have been the subject of careful study for sophomore Leah Larsen and junior Jacqueline Alexander.
Sophomore Emily Quinn, president and founder of the Adoption Support and Awareness Alliance, was adopted from China at three months old and is now using the club to create a community for adoptees.

Sophomore founds adoption awareness club

By Sara Kim September 25, 2013
Last semester, Emily Quinn founded the Adoption Support and Awareness Alliance club at Ithaca College to share her adoption story with the college community.

Gene therapy could bring relief to heart patients

By Amanda Hutchinson, Contributing Writer April 30, 2013
For the most part, we can’t control our genes. No amount of hair dye will make me anything other than a natural blonde, no amount of stretching will make me any taller, and no contacts or glasses will make my natural vision any better because that’s what the combination of As, Ts, Cs, and Gs…

Celebrating the master recipe book of life

By Amanda Hutchinson, Contributing Writer April 25, 2013
DNA is some pretty cool stuff. If you think about it, it’s something as simple as some sugar, some phosphates, and a few different rings made of carbon and nitrogen. Sounds pretty elementary, but consider that this combination creates what is essentially the family heirloom cookbook that contains all the recipes to produce, say, a…

Raising the dead… sort of: Scientists revive extinct frog species

By Amanda Hutchinson, Contributing Writer March 19, 2013
Despite what Casper may have suggested, it’s still not possible at this time to resurrect the dead beyond resuscitating someone whose heart stopped. However, scientists have been able to bring back a species of frog that has been extinct since the 1980s through cloning processes and DNA that has been frozen since the 1970s. The…

Mitochondria provide link to our distant ancestry

By Amanda Hutchinson, Contributing Writer March 8, 2013
Anyone who has taken (or is taking) 200s-level genetics at Ithaca College will be familiar with the mtDNA experiment in lab. While the collection, amplification, and purification of the DNA is a tedious process, the results from processing at Cornell could tell you how close your genes are to a person in another country, a…
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