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TC3 to install 10 acres of solar panels

By | Feb 26, 2014

TC3 has plans to install 8,676 solar panels over 10 acres of land, which will produce an estimated 90 percent of TC3’s energy supply.

Building and safety coordinator retires after nearly three decades

By The Ithacan | Nov 19, 2013

Online News Editor Sage Daugherty spoke to Ron Clark, fire building and safety coordinator at the Office of Public Safety, about his favorite memories at the college, his decision to retire and his plans after retirement.

Another NY fracking ban upheld

By | Mar 8, 2012

The Town of Middlefield in nearby Otsego County has the right to prohibit natural gas drilling within its limits, according to a recent New York state court ruling.

Oil company loses lawsuit against Dryden fracking ban

By | Feb 21, 2012

A state judge ruled today that the Town of Dryden was within its rights to ban hydraulic fracturing, a decision that stopped a lawsuit filed by a Denver-based oil company against the town’s ban.

Firm sues Dryden for ban on fracking

By | Oct 27, 2011

The town of Dryden will defend its ban on natural gas drilling in the New York Supreme Court of Tompkins County next week, marking one of the first times a ban will be challenged. The outcome could set a legal precedent for the rest of the state. Anschutz Exploration Corporation is suing the town, which…