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Video: Eds Up!

By | Jan 20, 2014

Ithacan editors give you a heads up on what’s new in this weeks upcoming issue for January 23, 2014.

Iron & Wine Re-Works Moving Tune

By | Oct 29, 2011

In the endless debate of “Harry Potter” vs. “Twilight,” I’m Team Cedric Diggory. I only like one thing about the “Twilight” series, and that’s the music they use in the movies. I’ve seen two of the movies simply to see how the music is used. I love listening to music so I can imagine how…

Occupy This: A Playlist for Revolution

By | Oct 14, 2011

With the Occupy Wall Street movement branching out to other municipalities, people are jumping up to get their voices heard. I tend to express myself through the music I listen to so I decided to put together the Top 10 Tracks for Occupation (according to my iTunes). Let me know if I missed any that…

Joy-less Division

By | Oct 7, 2011

I am obsessed with dark music. I’m a very happy person, but there’s something about a mood-inducing melody that really gets me. I think I may use this music as a type of emotional therapy. Sometimes you just need to be ticked off or upset in order to keep yourself in check.   So I…