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Clinton needs a civics lesson

By Kyle Stewart October 25, 2016
Our judicial system was designed to remain above the political whims of the day, as is evidenced by lifetime appointments of justices.

Trump’s comments are indefensible

By Kyle Stewart October 17, 2016
Trump’s words should anger you not only because they would be offensive to your sister, daughter or mother, but because they are derogatory toward all women.

Conservatives should be for conservation

By Kyle Stewart October 3, 2016
Our environmental debate should not be focused on whether climate change is occurring but rather on which ideas are the best to solve our climate crisis.

Liberalism fuels Donald Trump

By Kyle Stewart September 27, 2016
People react forcefully when called names. Voters get angry and look for their own candidate to fight back. Trump is that candidate.

The Constitution is not outdated

By Kyle Stewart September 20, 2016
The Constitution is a framework for our government and our country. It is not meant to address every societal and technological change. Nor should it.

Focus on issues, not entertainment

By Kyle Stewart September 13, 2016
Devoting more attention to third-party candidates isn’t enough. There needs to be a shift in the media coverage from entertainment to issues.

Free speech and football

By Kyle Stewart September 7, 2016
A free exchange and competition of ideas is what leads to progress in our country, not the suppression of ideas that some people deem offensive.

Uber: Innovation and Inspiration

By Kyle Stewart August 29, 2016
People are not liabilities to be managed by the government. People have potential to be tapped into, and they need a government that allows everyone to live their lives to the fullest.

Dump Trump and carry on

By Kyle Stewart August 24, 2016
This year, the Republican Party left me and millions of other conservatives. Unlike Reagan, though, we have no party to defect to. So we must stay and fight.

Donald Trump lacks GOP values

By Kyle Stewart February 10, 2016
Conservatives value their commitment to the Constitution. Donald Trump values himself.
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