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Ithaca College Athletics released this mockup of Bertino Field at Butterfield Stadium after it receives its new artificial turf surface. The field, which has historically only been used by the football program, will also be usable by other varsity sports as well as intramurals and club sports, but will no longer include an outdoor track around it.

Artificial turf raises concerns about equity and injuries

By Aidan Charde and Elijah de Castro February 15, 2023
While Ithaca College has positioned planned renovations to Butterfield Stadium as an opportunity for the field to be used by more teams, the artificial surface may increase the risk for injuries.
Butterfield Stadium is one of two natural grass football fields in the Liberty League. However, Ithaca College announced in November that the field would be replaced with an artificial turf surface.

Planned turf field at IC to contain toxic chemicals

By Aidan Charde and Elijah de Castro February 8, 2023
According to oceanographers, ecologists and environmental policy experts, the life cycle of an artificial turf field has detrimental effects on human health and the environment.
National Recap: Scott Pruitt comes under fire

National Recap: Scott Pruitt comes under fire

By Meaghan McElroy, Opinion Editor April 10, 2018
The officials’ reports are only a few of the many concerns mounting against Pruitt.
National Recap: Trump freezes environmental protections

National Recap: Trump freezes environmental protections

By Celisa Calacal, Opinion Editor April 5, 2017
Trump solidified his anti-environmental policies when he signed an executive order March 28, rolling back environmental protections.
Junior Justin Henry discusses the importance for people to work across the partisan divide to renew American ideals and combat President Donald Trumps divisive policies.

Commentary: In defense of your redneck uncle

By Justin Henry March 28, 2017
Since Trump’s inauguration, we’ve seen a president with no sense of ethics beyond what wins him the most power.
Some colleges and universities are covering all of their energy needs by renewable sources. Despite the progress made with Ithaca Colleges recent solar project, when comparing the college’s 10 percent to numerous other colleges and universities, the college does not measure up.

Ithaca College still behind on renewable energy usage

By Sophie Johnson, Contributing Writer March 22, 2016
Ithaca College is still behind on using renewable energy compared to other colleges and universities nationally, despite its recent adoption of solar energy to cover 10 percent of the college's energy needs.
According to USA Today, about 350 schools and day care centers failed lead tests a total of about 470 times from 2012 through 2015, representing approximately 20 percent of water systems nationally.

Investigation results show safe levels of lead at Ithaca College

By Kyle Arnold, Assistant News Editor March 21, 2016
Four samples tested positive for lead but were below the action level, with the highest sample yielding 0.09 parts per billion.
From left, freshman Andrew Kenney and junior Joshua Enderle help with the Japanese stiltgrass pull held Sept. 26.

Ithaca College students help remove invasive grass species

By Kyle Arnold, Staff Writer September 30, 2015
Students and faculty managing the Ithaca College Natural Lands are in the process of removing what they hope is the last of an invasive species of plant known as Japanese stiltgrass after six years of sustained eradication efforts.
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