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Fast Against Slaughter : The World Day for Farmed Animals

By Karly Placek September 30, 2014
In honor of the upcoming World Day for Farmed Animals on Thursday, October 2nd, many people are uploading #FastAgainstSlaughter pledges to social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
Rob Doran, a science teacher at Newfield Central School in Newfield, N.Y., takes pumpkins from the All you can carry pumpkins crates at the Eddydale Farm Stand for his class.

Ithaca is Gourd-geous!

By Durst Breneiser, Assistant Photo Editor October 27, 2012
In preparation for Halloween, community members are picking up pumpkins and gourds at nearby farms like the Eddydale Farm Stand on Elmira Road.
A seated dinner of 20 guests enjoyed a Farm and Fork dinner made from locally grown food provided by Silver Queen Farm on Sept. 19. Farm and Fork dinners are held every month from April to December since their debut in July 2011.

From the farm to the fork

By Amanda Hutchinson, Contributing Writer October 4, 2012
Silver Queen Farm, on the western edge of Trumansburg, is one of more than 10 farms in the Tompkins County area that have joined in the farm dinner trend.

Cango Ostrich Farm

By Michelle Boulé, Blogger February 15, 2012
I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard that IES was bringing us to an ostrich farm. My only frame of reference was that it would be like visiting a dairy farm outside of Ithaca, which would be quite boring. I was proven wrong. We were dropped off at Cango Ostrich Farm, which is…
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