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It’s time to market gender balance

By | Nov 29, 2012

Students should stand up for individual natural talents and be informed about the laws and social structures that still allow women to be underpaid in the workforce.

Faculty call for balance of power

By | Nov 8, 2012

Members of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council at Ithaca College are calling for change in the way the college is governed.

Editorial: Double double major trouble

By | Dec 14, 2011

Double majors at Ithaca College may want it all, but will a heavier course load help them get it now?

Editorial: Peeling off the stamp of shame

By | Dec 7, 2011

Some students struggle to pay utility bills, while others can’t even put food on their plates.

Editorial: Blind decisions break the bank

By | Nov 30, 2011

America’s higher education system has made a dent in students’ wallets, but tuition isn’t solely to blame for their financial burdens.

Editorial: Disturbing with peace

By | Nov 16, 2011

The newly coined ‘American Autumn’ has marked a season of burgeoning protests, but its momentum is nothing like movements abroad.

Editorial: Just another cortaca chug

By | Nov 10, 2011

Professors aren’t babysitters, and giving students more work won’t necessarily stop them from partying on Cortaca weekend.

Editorial: This time we’ll take it slow

By | Nov 3, 2011

When those midnight cravings kick in, a quick trip up to Towers to devour deep-fried, late-night food can satisfy some within minutes. But it’s time to get off that fast track.

Editorial: The Wall Street repression

By | Oct 26, 2011

While Ithacans have been spotted occupying Wall Street, many have recently spurred local action to bring focus to the movement’s main messages, which are clearly underrepresented in mainstream media coverage.

Editorial: Beyond the diversity veil

By | Oct 12, 2011

Ithaca College may have just broken its enrollment record for minority students, but getting them to campus is only half the battle.

Editorial: Student force builds brands

By | Oct 5, 2011

Since college students live in their own campus bubbles, corporations have struggled to target the younger demographic — until recently. A little peer pressure may just do the trick.

Editorial: City catches jungle fever

By | Sep 28, 2011

As the City of Ithaca spends more time consulting with social services to find a solution to its homelessness “problem,” it neglects to include the human stories central to this debate.