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Stop and Breathe Week is a week-long initiative that promotes de-stress events to calm students before their finals. The JED campus outreach committee compiles a list of events thrown by organizations and clubs that support students mental wellness. 

IC’s Stop and Breathe week helps students relax before finals

By Olivia Stanzl, Assistant News Editor April 13, 2022
As Spring 2022 comes to an end Ithaca College’s departments and organizations are preparing for the campus’ Stop and Breathe Week, April 30 to May 6.
Reflecting on the past semester

Reflecting on the past semester

By Mikayla Tolliver April 28, 2021
That’s not to say I wasn’t myself at home — I was — but college has offered me new opportunities and experiences that did not exist two hours away.
Julia Lapp, associate professor of health promotion and physical education at Ithaca College, holds her copy of The Tao of Pooh, which highlights Taoism and mindfulness.

Commentary: Mindfulness practices enhance wellbeing

By Julia Lapp December 11, 2019
In short, these practices facilitate the development of self-awareness, minds that tend toward stillness and hearts that grow in compassion.
Finals week: How stress works in the body

Finals week: How stress works in the body

By Miranda Ella, Staff Writer April 30, 2019
But why does a mental state result in long-lasting physical symptoms?
Senior Mikaela Vojnik, a co-president of Active Minds at Ithaca College, writes that students need to be conscious of and care for their mental health even during busy times in the semester.

Commentary: Mental health is crucial even during finals week

By Mikaela Vojnik December 2, 2018
I think, as a community, we really need to encourage one another to take care of ourselves and ask for help when we need it.

Snap Judgment : Relieving Finals Stress

December 8, 2015
"What do you do to cope with finals stress?"


December 13, 2013
Your answer for what to do this weekend.

Take some time to rethink stress

By Kari Beal December 6, 2012
Some students stress like maniacs during the end-of-semester crunch, while others manage to keep calm. The reason for this may be brain chemistry.
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