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National Recap: US grants $29 million for coastal protection

National Recap: US grants $29 million for coastal protection

By Brontë Cook November 20, 2019
The National Coastal Resilience Fund publicly dedicated a total of $29 million in grants to environmental causes across the country Nov. 18.
National Recap: U.S. slips in global anti-corruption rankings

National Recap: U.S. slips in global anti-corruption rankings

By Meredith Burke, Opinion Editor January 30, 2019
The United States is no longer one of the top 20 countries perceived to have the least corruption, according to a report that was released Jan. 29.
Vedat Demir studied at Ithaca College as a visiting scholar-in-residence between 2012–14. Now, hes been arrested and placed in Turkish prison after he was thought to have been an accomplice in the failed military coup which took place in Turkey on July 15.

Former IC visiting scholar imprisoned by Turkish government

By Grace Elletson, Assistant News Editor September 21, 2016

Vedat Demir, who was a visiting scholar-in-residence at Ithaca College from 2012–14 and researched political communication in federal election campaigns, has been imprisoned in Turkey without a set end-date. Demir...

After 3,000, the Climate Marchers arrive at their destination in the nations capitol

Obama, did you hear us knocking?

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer November 7, 2014
I looked around the crowd and saw mostly familiar faces. Our words were not falling on any new ears, let alone any ears belonging to a person who had the authority to create immediate action and change.
Members of the We Are Seneca Lake resistance movement blockade a truck from entering Crestwood Midstreams facilities.

When All Else Fails

By Faith Meckley, Staff Writer October 31, 2014
I clarified to him that our blockade was not going to let anything in or out. "Well, I'm going to open the gates, then!" He declared in a tone that said, 'alright, you asked for it.' The negotiation phase was over; now, they were using intimidation. When he opened the gates, the driver climbed into his truck and lurched forward, blaring his horn.
Bob Freeman, executive director of The New York State Committee on Open Government, speaks with journalists about the Freedom of Information Act during his visit to Ithaca College on Sept. 16.

Freeman discusses FOIA and freedoms to journalists

By Evan Popp, Contributing Writer September 17, 2014

Robert J. Freeman says the federal government abuses its allowance to withhold certain documents requested via the Freedom of Information Act. Freeman, the executive director of The New York State Committee...

A loss of trust

By Gillian Nigro October 24, 2013

It’s baffling how the trust America built up with its allies over the past 237 years could be dismantled in just a few weeks. Last Thursday, the Chinese ratings agency, Dagong, downgraded its U.S. sovereign...

Default? What default?

By Gillian Nigro October 9, 2013

It’s week two of the government shutdown and the country’s next crisis is fast approaching: the prospect of a debt default on Oct. 17. But, never fear! Our brave Republican leaders in Washington tell...

Audio Slideshow: SGA Welcomes a New Board

By Sabrina Knight May 3, 2013
New members of the 2013-2014 Student Government Association talk about their goals, challenges, and what they hope to change in the upcoming year.

Video: Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! Speaks at Ithaca College

By Deanna Romanoff March 28, 2013
Amy Goodman, co-host and founder of independent news outlet Democracy Now! makes a speech that inspires young people and journalists Monday night.

Why young people should care about healthcare

By Kari Beal November 1, 2012
The Affordable Care Act is a hot-button issue this election season. But for students, this new extension allowing them to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26 isn’t the only health issue they should be concerned about.

Mock wedding pokes at fracking corruption

By TinaMarie Craven, Staff Writer April 20, 2012
Protests that rail against fracking are not uncommon within the City of Ithaca and on South Hill, but the activism took a different spin Thursday afternoon outside the Campus Center as IC Frack Off hosted a mock wedding to symbolize what members call a corrupt, close relationship between gas companies and the government.
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