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The Pale Lady ominously stalks a teenager through a red-lit hallway in André Øvredal’s PG-13 adaptation of the children’s book series “Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark.” The film, despite being rated for younger audiences, incites fear.

Review: Book adaptation matches terror of original

By Kara Bowen, Staff Writer August 28, 2019

PG-13 horror movies can be hit or miss. Too often the attempt at R-rated edginess falters under watered-down pandering to a younger audience: Think the final scene of “The Visit,” which features one...

The 2019 “Hellboy” remake has a messy storyline and unconvincing characters. The quality of the film feels cheap and lacks the same timeless quality as Guillermo Del Toro’s original 2004 adaptation of the comic book series.

Review: “Hellboy” remake can not save itself from damnation

By Jake Leary, Staff Writer April 22, 2019

Neil Marshall’s “Hellboy” (2019) has the aesthetic sensibility of a Hot Topic: It’s cheap, insincere and reminds you of other places you’d rather be and other films you’d rather see. Marshall’s...

Directed by Steven S. DeKnight,Pacific Rim: Uprising is the less successful sequel to Guillermo del Toros 2013 action film Pacific Rim.

Review: “Pacific Rim” sequel lacks passion of original

By Liam Conway, Staff Writer April 2, 2018
"Pacific Rim: Uprising" is camp, but it feels like the creators didn’t know whether to go for full camp or grounded realism.
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