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The verdict in the highly publicized trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp has had damaging repercussions on Hollywood and the culture of #MeToo.

Column: Is the #MeToo movement over?

By Lily Lipka, Staff Writer March 29, 2023
Despite #MeToo seeming to move Hollywood in the right direction, the verdict of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial has reserved so much change.
Disclosure is a helpful tool for educating its audience about the often harmful portrays of transgender people in popular Hollywood media. The documentary chronicles the history of transgender representation since the beginning of the film industry to the present era with commentary from transgender figures.

Review: Documentary opens discussion on transgender representation

By Sarah Diggins, Staff Writer July 8, 2020
"Disclosure" is a helpful tool for educating its audience about the often harmful portrays of transgender people in popular Hollywood media.
Lana Del Reys newest album is a fascinating exploration of romance, self-reflection and Americana. The tracks are poignant and resonate with reality.

Review: Lana Del Rey offers somber self-reflection in album

By Dariene Seifert, Staff Writer September 8, 2019

Two years after taking a dreary look at Hollywood in “Lust For Life,” Lana Del Rey returns to her nostalgic roots with her sixth and latest record, “Norman F------ Rockwell!” The album cover features...

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood details the life of Scotty Bowers, an ex-marine who acted as a matchmaker for closeted celebrities during Hollywoods Golden Age.

Review: ‘Scotty’ documentary settles for a shallow portrayal

By Stephanie Philo, Staff Writer September 24, 2018
The film struggles at times to decide whether its focus should be on Bower’s life or the gossip he has to share.
Detective Connie Edwards (Melissa McCarthy) teams up with Phil Philips (Bill Barretta) to track down a serial killer who is targeting the puppet stars of a 90’s TV show. The duo are at odds with FBI Agent Campbell (Joel McHale).

Review: Perverse puppet cop comedy disappoints

By Antonio Ferme, Staff Writer September 3, 2018
If anything, “The Happytime Murders” proves that Hollywood can’t slap an R-rating onto a nostalgic property and expect it to work.
Larry Shepherds (Steve Carell) son dies in battle, and Shepard is sent on a journey that reunites him with his old war buddies, Sal Nealson (Bryan Cranston) and Reverend Richard Mueller (Laurence Fishburne).

Review: Linklater’s latest lets performances thrive

By Liam Conway, Staff Writer December 6, 2017
Despite the strength of the performances, there are moments where it feels like good acting is all the movie has to offer.
Based on the Young Adult novel by R. J. Palacio, Wonder is the story of Auggie Pullman(Jacob Tremblay), a young boy who comes to terms with his physical disability and fights back against his bullies.

Review: Wonderful film is entertaining and educational

By Cameron Coughlin, Contributing Writer December 2, 2017
Auggie not only survives but learns to thrive in fifth grade. He embodies the film’s tagline, “Why blend in when you were born to stand out.”
Deja View: Life as a freelance pop culture journalist

Deja View: Life as a freelance pop culture journalist

By Kendyl Bennett, Podcast Editor November 29, 2017

Reviews Editor Jake Leary sits down with Ithaca alumn, Fred Topel to discuss what it's like to freelance in the crowded world of pop culture journalism and how his work at the Ithacan lead to his life...

“Geostorm” is the latest in a long line of disaster movies from Dean Devlin, the producer of the 1998 “Godzilla.” “Geostorm” is set in in a world where global warming was solved by climate scientist Jake Lawson (Gerard Butler).

Review: Big-budget disaster movie is a catastrophe

By Charlie Musante, Staff Writer October 24, 2017
To anyone contemplating seeing this atrocity, don’t. Go see “Blade Runner 2049” instead.
Netflix’s nihilistic animated comedy, “Bojack Horseman” returns for its fourth season. Bojack Horseman (Will Arnett) struggles with fatherhood while Mr. Peanutbutter (Paul F. Tompkins) tries to become mayor of Hollywoo.

Review: Netflix’s Animated comedy delves into drama

By James Schwartz, Contributing Writer October 1, 2017
This show is the perfect mix of comedic and depressing themes. “Bojack Horseman” can easily go from a simple joke to a very dark topic.
Alice (Reese Witherspoon) is a recently divorced mother living in a lavish Las Angeles home with her children. Her life changes when three young men move into her home and redefine her understanding of love and family.

Review: Stereotypical romantic comedy lacks a heart and a brain

By Taylor Millican, Contributing Writer September 14, 2017
The upper class lifestyle of an attractive mom who is pursued by a trio of young men presents no compelling conflict.
Senior Sara Kim leads a meeting of the Asian American Alliance. She writes about the lack of Asian American/Pacific Islander representation in Hollywood.

Commentary: Asian Americans lack representation in the media

By Sara Kim April 12, 2017
Whitewashing AAPI roles erases the existence of AAPI in the media and continues to be an ongoing issue with Hollywood’s major motion picture films.
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