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Commentary: Humanities are essential to student success

By | Apr 13, 2016

For most of the history of higher education, the humanities were the foundation of a college degree, not a marginal element squeezed in—or worse, “gotten out of the way,” to use the all too common parlance about ICC courses on campus.

Bombers football squanders sixth straight Cortaca Jug game

By | Nov 14, 2015

The Ithaca College football team’s comeback fell short against rival SUNY Cortland in the 57th annual Cortaca Jug game by a final score of 11–8 at Butterfield Stadium.

Gone too soon

By | Oct 17, 2011

For all the violent cliches and phrases associated with sports and the talk of battles and opponents and whatnot, we’ve never really been able as a society to reconcile sports with tragedy. Sudden death in football and actual sudden deaths just don’t mix. Nobody expects anyone to actually die in a game of basketball. The…