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Freddie (Ji-min Park) goes on an expected journey of self-discovery and identity as she finds herself searching for her birth parents in South Korea.

Review: Fragmented plot creates complex portrait of identity

By Patrick Mazzella, Staff Writer April 24, 2023
Questions of identity and cultural assimilation find their way into director Davy Chou’s newest film "Return to Seoul."
The Intersection - A Conversation with Seidy Bobadilla

‘The Intersection’ – A Conversation with Seidy Bobadilla

By Frankie Walls, Managing Editor October 14, 2021

The Ithacan · 'The Intersection' - A Conversation with Seidy Bobadilla In this week’s episode, host Frankie Walls sits down with senior Integrated Marketing and Communications major Seidy Bobadilla...

Senior Maggie McAden refects on how COVID-19 has affected her and other LGBTQ+ students. The pandemic left them especially vulnerable after displacing students.

Commentary: COVID-19 created new challenges for LGBTQ+ students

By Maggie McAden April 21, 2021
I am lucky that who I love, and my gender, has not ended my life, nor worsened my mental health during a time in which everything is unraveling.
The Identities Series is a series of commentaries discussing a diversity of people’s identities and how their identities are shaped by the world around them.

Identities Series: Finding and Opening Spaces for Multiracial Students

By Julia Batista November 10, 2020
Despite struggling to figure out what spaces I belong in, it’s imperative that I understand the privilege I have because of the lightness of my skin.
Christine Bataille, associate professor in the Department of Management in the Ithaca College School of Business, researches how peoples identities intersect.

Q&A: Professor publishes research in top management journal

By John Turner September 10, 2020
I want people to see that they can take hold of their lives and work to move closer to being who they want to be.
The Brown Girl Chronicles- IC Strike

‘The Brown Girl Chronicles’- IC Strike

By Sobeida Rosa March 3, 2020 In this episode, host Sobeida Rosa speaks with Hope Gardner and Julia Siegal, founding members of IC Strike, an activist group at...

Junior Carley Teachout spent spring 2019 conducting research on development in public health policy as well as the availability of LGBTQ resources and aid in Mumbai, India.

Commentary: LGBTQ health is a public health issue

By Carley Teachout January 30, 2020
The future of public health lies in our ability to see people and communities holistically.
The Brown Girl Chronicles- Conversations About Mental Health (Part 1)

‘The Brown Girl Chronicles’- Conversations About Mental Health (Part 1)

November 11, 2019 Host Sobeida talks about mental health in this episode with Active Minds’ co-president, Kelly...

The Brown Girl Chronicles- Latinx Religion

‘The Brown Girl Chronicles’- Latinx Religion

October 28, 2019 On this episode, Sobeida speaks with Hierald Osorto, the Ithaca College Director of Religious and Spiritual Life and an...

Editorial: Transgender athletes face added barriers to acceptance

Editorial: Transgender athletes face added barriers to acceptance

October 24, 2019
We must remember that, at the center of these controversies, there are people who are going through a complicated, emotional time in their lives.
The Brown Girl Chronicles- Performers of Color

‘The Brown Girl Chronicles’- Performers of Color

October 14, 2019 Host Sobeida is back with another episode! This time she talks with Anthony Plicher, an Ithaca College Junior and Music...

Identity politics go beyond race

Identity politics go beyond race

By Mahad Olad, Staff Writer August 29, 2019

Fact: President Donald Trump's racist and xenophobic rhetoric inspires white nationalism. The recent mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, were committed by deranged men whose motives ranged...

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