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April 3, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

The Head and the Heart’s “Let’s Be Still”: Album Preview

By | Oct 11, 2013

The Head and the Heart, an indie-rock folk band straight out of Seattle, Wash., is known for its complex harmonies, acoustic guitars, build ups, and vocal releases.

Mangum-Gate 2012 Is The Internet’s Conspiracy Theory Of The Week

By | Oct 22, 2012

4chan, the infamous home base of the Internet’s id and all those who feed it, recently came up with something more substantive than generic rage comics and photoshops of anime cat girls in compromising positions with Margaret Thatcher. (Author’s note: I don’t know if such a .jpeg actually exists but, thanks to rule 34, it…

Soulful indie songwriter switches sound

By | Oct 27, 2011

Ditching heartbreak for hope, songwriter Rachael Yamagata, whose indie blues-rock music has been featured on TV shows such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” finds a new voice on her newest album while keeping her soul.