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Men’s basketball Empire 8 preview

By | Feb 22, 2013

Staff Writer Christian Araos takes a look at the field in the men’s basketball Empire 8 tournament.

Bombers retain slim hopes of E8 top seed

By | Feb 14, 2013

Bombers retain a slim hopes of nabbing the Empire 8 tournament’s top seed

Hometown connection brings Travis Warech to South Hill

By | Dec 6, 2012

In many cases, incorporating a transfer student into a team is a process that takes more than one season to fully accomplish, but not for senior forward Travis Warech.

Hot hands maintain offensive ratio in favor of South Hill squad

By | Feb 22, 2012

Not one, not two, but more than three Bombers often handle the ball on offense this season, setting up the men’s basketball team for easy swishes through the net.

Team optimistic despite shaky start

By | Nov 30, 2011

The men’s basketball team is off to its worst start in six seasons after losing five of its first six games. But the Bombers are staying positive and still trying to develop the team chemistry necessary for a second consecutive 20-win season.