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Low Student Government Association voter turnout worrisome

By | Sep 26, 2012

When so few of Ithaca College’s students are voting in the SGA election, it raises the question of how weak involvement may be for the next presidential election.

Proposed local tobacco licensing should not include paraphernalia

By | Sep 19, 2012

There’s no local law restricting the sale or display of wine glasses to discourage underage alcohol purchases, so why should there be a comparable one for tobacco paraphernalia?

Making standardized tests optional weakens college reputation

By | Sep 12, 2012

Becoming a test-optional college lessens admissions standards by cutting a requirement most other schools, and most students, still find relevant.

Women’s varsity sculling addition improves equality under Title IX

By | Sep 6, 2012

The creation of more women’s varsity teams is a progressive move for the college, acknowledging there is still room to improve when it comes to equality.

Huron Consulting Group cost-cutting evaluation should focus on student retention

By | Sep 6, 2012

An outside consulting firm aiming to improve efficiency at Ithaca College should focus efforts on identifying ways to effectively attract and retain students.

Ithaca College successfully equalizes alcohol and marijuana penalties

By | Aug 30, 2012

The equalized policy should not be seen as a free pass to smoke or drink, but instead as a way to encourage students to make decisions based on health.