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February 28, 2020   |   Ithaca, NY

Review: Superb acting from Gyllenhaal fuels ‘Nightcrawler’

By | Nov 5, 2014

Though its pacing occasionally falters, “Nightcrawler” soars thanks to a powerful lead performance.

Review: Tale of campus controversy assesses race issues in ‘Dear White People’

By | Nov 5, 2014

While its message is often heavy-handed, “Dear White People” finds success in it’s social commentary.

Review: Unlikely true story of ‘Pride’ illuminates social issues

By | Oct 29, 2014

A well-crafted and humorous script fuel the unlikely true story of “Pride.”

Review: Director Reitman examines impact of social media in ‘Men, Women & Children’

By | Oct 29, 2014

Director Jason Reitman gives audiences a window into how technology impacts daily life in “Men, Women & Children.”

Review: War drama ‘Fury’ expertly renders carnage of battle

By | Oct 29, 2014

Gore and realism make David Ayer’s “Fury” a tough-to-watch, but important cinema experience.

Review: ‘The Judge’ fueled by stars Downey Jr. and Duvall

By | Oct 22, 2014

With a welcome blend of drama and comedy, “The Judge” dishes out lessons on both law and family.

Review: ‘Tracks’ delivers superb blend of drama and scenery

By | Oct 22, 2014

Visual splendor and an engaging narrative make “Tracks” a gripping cinematic venture.

Review: Enthralling performances propels Kitchen Theatre production of ‘Lonely Planet’

By | Oct 21, 2014

Kitchen Theatre Company’s “Lonely Planet” offers viewers a sublime theater experience.

Review: Animated laughs and gags abound in ‘The Boxtrolls’

By | Oct 7, 2014

Animated anarchy ensues in the wacky, animated film “The Boxtrolls.”

Review: Superb casting fuels tense narrative in ‘Gone Girl’

By | Oct 7, 2014

Director David Fincher explores marriage in the thriller “Gone Girl.”

Review: Comedy-horror ‘Tusk’ washed away by its own bizarre premise

By | Sep 30, 2014

Humor and horror struggle to blend in the off-the-wall tale of “Tusk.”

Review: ‘The Skeleton Twins’ proves skeletal despite impressive performances

By | Sep 30, 2014

Despite some enjoyable moments, “The Skeleton Twins” slumps under its stars.