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Alumna stars in Kitchen Theatre production

By | Mar 10, 2011

Ronica V. Reddick ’03 returns to Ithaca this month to play Barbara in “boom” at the Kitchen Theatre Company. A native of Syracuse and graduate of Ithaca College’s acting program, she performed in shows at the college including “November Girls,” “The Colored Museum” and “Goodnight Desdemona (Good Morning Juliet).” Since graduation, her credits include several…

College to hold employee benefits event series

By | Mar 2, 2011

The Office of Human Resources is sponsoring an “IC Benefits Experience,” an event to discuss employee benefits currently offered to faculty and staff at Ithaca College, tomorrow

Middle Eastern narratives communicate culture

By | Mar 2, 2011

The story of Queen Sheba’s legs is one that is well-known in Hebraic culture. Her beauty entranced King Solomon until he saw her hairy legs; he criticized them as masculine and taunted her until she shaved.

Dual talents combine to deliver fluid operatic performance

By | Mar 1, 2011

Opera had only been around for 10 years when Claudio Monteverdi debuted “L’Orfeo” to an Italian audience in 1607. As one of the earliest opera’s still performed today, Ithaca College’s goal was to make this centuries old classic appeal to a modern audience. With the combined talents of theater and music students, the college gave…

Fashion show rocks runway

By | Mar 1, 2011

Thirty minutes before the first HiFashion Studios fashion show, “Strangers Into the Night” began, the lobby in front of Emerson Suites was swamped with nearly 400 eager students ready to view collections from designers and students alike. Despite being a Monday night, the line to enter Emerson Suites extended to the Phillips Hall staircases, made…

Poet Major Jackson to give reading Tuesday

By | Feb 21, 2011

Major Jackson is the author of “Hoops,” “Leaving Saturn” and “Holding Company,” three collections of poetry. He is the current Poetry Editor of “The Harvard Review,” the Green and Gold Professor at the University of Vermont and a faculty member of the Bennington Writing Seminars. He has received several awards for his work including the…

Ithacappella releases new single

By | Feb 9, 2011

After weeks of hype on their Twitter, Facebook and website, Ithacappella revealed the secret of their Feb. 8 announcement this morning.

Professor leads discussion defining “hooking up”

By | Feb 2, 2011

“Hooking up” is a term thrown around quite a bit in the college environment. However, the actual meaning can often be ambiguous. People with varying social experiences define the term in different ways. This was the topic Rebecca Plante, associate professor of sociology, spoke about at this week’s Tuesday Salon titled, “Hooking Up: What is…

Light in Winter Festival wraps up weekend of events

By | Jan 24, 2011

This Thursday marked the beginning of the eighth annual Light in Winter Festival of Arts & Sciences, where members of the Ithaca community gathered to celebrate the creativity of scientific discovery and artistic expression.

Local chef competes on “Chopped”

By | Jan 22, 2011

Samantha Buyskes, local chef and owner of Simply Red Bistro at La Tourelle Resort in Ithaca and Sheldrake Point Vineyards in Ovid, N.Y., always dreamed of sharing her culinary perspective with a television audience.

Winter Festival to kick off holiday season downtown

By | Dec 8, 2010

Perched at the top of Center Ithaca on The Commons Saturday, Santa Claus waved heartily at the huge crowd of small children and their accompanying parents before beginning his descent down the multilevel building, repelling down the side. When he finally reached the ground, the children’s cheers greeted him as they swarmed into Center Ithaca…

M.I.A. stays true to eclectic style

By | Oct 5, 2010

British singer M.I.A. is known for controversial antics and songs that emphasize electronic sound and emotion. She’s been the brunt of criticism this past year after she delivered disappointing performances that lacked focus and energy as she mumbled her lyrics and made fans think she looked too high to perform. Though she definitely didn’t seem…