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In “The Girl on the Train,” directed by Tate Taylor, a recent divorcee, Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) gets roped into the mystery of a missing person, Megan (Haley Bennett.) The film is based on the novel by Paula Hawkins.

Review: ‘The Girl on the Train’ plot teeters off the tracks

By Colin Barrett, Staff Writer October 25, 2016
Overall, viewers looking for their next sexy-thriller fix should just stay home and read the book.

Review: Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Integrity Blues’ strays from roots

By Silas White, Staff Writer October 25, 2016
The band’s newest album, “Integrity Blues,” leans away from its emo-rock roots and distinguishes itself with a couple more experimental tunes.

Review: Kings of Leon ‘WALLS’ succeeds with stunning sound

By Ashley Wolf, Staff Writer October 25, 2016
Most of this album shows off the band’s true potential since they returned to their roots and produced an album of substance and depth.
“Snowden,” directed by Oliver Stone, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The film jumps between Snowden’s experiences in the CIA and the path he took to expose the largest leak of government information in history.

Review: Edward Snowden’s leak produces succinct film plot

By Max Denning, Staff Writer September 21, 2016
The movie is indeed a one-sided telling...carried by the spectacular performance by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Snowden) but hindered by other performances.
Review: Wilcos tenth album wins over new and old listeners

Review: Wilco’s tenth album wins over new and old listeners

By Colin Barrett, Contributing Writer September 17, 2016
This album exemplifies a complete return to the band’s traditional form as they it comes back to their its folk roots. “Star Wars” was more of an psych-indie rock album, while this album is shaped with softer midwestern tones. Tracks like “Common Sense” invoke a hypnotic beat and sense of confusion, while others, like “Nope,” have a more cool and collected rock tone.
Review: Emotional distress contributes to depth of Michaelsons album

Review: Emotional distress contributes to depth of Michaelson’s album

By Erica Dischino, Staff Writer September 3, 2016
Despite the title, Michaelson’s new album is her most logical and cohesive compilation to date. Her typical quirky sound, complete with witty lyrics and sweet sentiment, sounds much more mature than in her previous albums.
Review: Spears signature sound cannot appeal to modern listeners

Review: Spears’ signature sound cannot appeal to modern listeners

By Angela Weldon, Staff Writer August 30, 2016
Her signature 90s sound — the peppy synth beats, generic bass drops and basic lyrics — feels stale compared to her contemporaries, like Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. Each song may have topped the charts in Spears’ heyday, but now the tracks feel forced and inauthentic. Her album may have been better received had she made more of an effort to stay current.
War Dogs, directed by Todd Phillips, follows uncanny duo David Packouz (Miles Teller, left) and Efraim Diveroli (Jonah Hill, right) on their misadventures during mid-war America.

Review: ‘War Dogs’ film barks up the wrong tree

By Sam Fischer, Contributing Writer August 30, 2016
Packouz and Diveroli’s relationship is certainly an entertaining one: The combination of Packouz’s snarky personality and Diveroli’s ignorance makes for funny dialogue. However, the protagonists of “War Dogs” aren’t dynamic; there doesn’t seem to be much growth or change for either character. Not to mention, the story itself didn’t do a great job of making the audience feel connected to the characters.
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