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‘Working’: Hard work pays off in show

By | Apr 4, 2012

While trying to tell the story of the everyday laborer, the message was better sung than spoken. The Ithaca College Main Stage Theater production of “Working” displayed talent and dedication, despite the play’s unconventional structure. Opening with the familiar sounds of frantic typing and phones ringing, the scene is set in a typical, bustling office.…

Unusual calm from Beirut

By | Sep 21, 2011

While a band named after the capital city of Lebanon might inspire thoughts of turmoil in the Middle East, Beirut’s new album, “The Rip Tide,” is an indie rock release with a complex but serene sound.

Behind the curtain

By | Sep 21, 2011

Though they share overarching themes of light and new beginnings, each of the three fall productions in the Ithaca College Department of Theatre Art’s lineup tells a vastly different story.