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NCAA knows gender inequity exists but does not care

NCAA knows gender inequity exists but does not care

By Emily Adams, Senior writer March 24, 2021
The inequities between the men’s and women’s sports in the NCAA run deep, and the unique circumstances of the pandemic are only exacerbating the problems.

March Madness tournament exploits Division I athletes

By Danielle Allentuck, Staff Writer March 28, 2018
The NCAA continues to make money off of the Division I basketball players during the March Madness tournament.

Paralympic team deserves attention that March Madness gets

By Danielle Allentuck, Staff Writer March 21, 2018
The U.S. Paralympic team is finishing with more medals than the U.S. Olympic team, but March Madness is getting all of the attention of sports fans.

New sports year begins at Masters

By Andrew Kristy, Columnist April 9, 2014
With spring in full swing, the Masters is the unofficial beginning of the new sports year.

NCAA labor unions will shift big-time athletic programs

By Andrew Kristy, Columnist April 2, 2014
Columnist Andrew Kristy provides his opinion concerning the first NCAA player union.

Don’t waste your time with NCAA brackets

By Andrew Kristy, Columnist March 25, 2014
Columnist Andrew Kristy believes brackets are taking away from the fun of March Madness.

The Real “Madness” Is Off-Court for the NCAA

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa March 24, 2014

It’s ironic that on the same week of the event that generates 90 percent of the NCAA’s revenue, an anti-trust lawsuit was filed against it that cuts at the legs of the amateurism upon which the institution...

A Look Back on the Off Court Impact for Mid-Majors in the NCAA Tournament

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa March 20, 2014

The madness of the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship kicks into gear for real starting today (sorry, “First Four” play-in games, I’m not counting you), with the first two hectic rounds...

My Bracketastrophe

By Nik DeCosta-Klipa March 18, 2014

Once again it’s that time of year again: March Madness.  And ever since I can remember, I’ve filled out a bracket for the tournament.  “Selection Sunday” was last weekend, when 68 teams were...

Between the Lines: Providing salaries for Division I players would only hurt programs

By Nathan Bickell, Columnist April 9, 2013
Every year, around the time of the Final Four, there are grumblings about college athletes — particularly football and men’s basketball players. These grumblings usually involve the question of should these athletes be paid? What these critics fail to realize is that college sports, Division I athletics in particular, are much bigger than the few…

Better late than never: Here’s my bracket

By Andrew Kristy March 21, 2013
It's 10:30 on Thursday night and I feel obliged to write a blog about March Madness. Probably should've written a post earlier this week to fill my quota, but I sank into a small aggressive depression once I realized that it was still 30 degrees and snowing in Ithaca and I had piles of homework…

Sadness to the madness

By The Ithacan March 29, 2012
One of the biggest spectacles in college sports will take place Saturday when the Final Four tips off from New Orleans. Kentuckians and the national media are already dubbing the first game between University of Kentucky and University of Louisville as the Final Four Civil War. But outside of niche areas such as the Bluegrass…
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