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ICircus soars in jungle-themed end-of-the-year showcase

By | May 2, 2018

Each act had a theme that related to nature, with most performers adopting an animal persona that connected to their props.

Snap Judgment – April Fool’s Day

By The Ithacan | Mar 30, 2016

The Ithacan asks students to share some of their funniest and best April Fool’s Day stories.

The 18th Annual Great Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook-Off

By The Ithacan | Feb 10, 2016

Also known as “Chilifest”, the competition on The Commons featured chili prepared by over 30 restaurants, competing for the title of “Best Chili”

The Ithacan Interview: Dominick Recckio

By The Ithacan | Nov 18, 2015

The Ithacan sat down with Dominick Recckio, Student Government Association president, to discuss the student no confidence vote.

In It For The Long Run

By | Oct 28, 2015

Senior Devin Larsen uses running to overcome the obstacles and challenges that he has faced in his life.