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Protestors stand up for women’s reproductive rights during the Women’s March in January 2017. Nicolette Nordmack writes that women’s reproductive rights must be defended even now.

Commentary: Women’s rights must still be defended

By Nicolette Nordmack March 28, 2018
Though this topic is tainted with political biases, the core of the problem is the fact that women are slowly losing foothold in the fight to fairly control their own bodies.
National Recap: Republican health care bill falls flat

National Recap: Republican health care bill falls flat

By Celisa Calacal, Opinion Editor March 29, 2017
Despite promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the GOP's attempt to pass a health care overhaul bill has failed.
Christina Moylan, director of public health emergency preparedness, first began working at the college in 2015 as an assistant professor in the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education in which she specialized in health policy and management. She then went on to work as associate dean of the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance in 2018.

Commentary: Affordable Care Act rests on shaky ground

By Christina Moylan February 1, 2017
The “replace” options floated so far are rehashed been-there-done-that approaches long favored by conservatives.
Thomas Dennison, a public health expert from Syracuse University, spoke to approximately 75 Ithaca College students and Ithaca community members Feb. 23 about the history and future of long-term health care.

Gerontology speaker discusses future of long-term health care

By Annika Kushner, Staff Writer February 26, 2016
Students and community members learned about the complex history, evolution and future of long-term health care in a talk by a public health expert from Syracuse University.
Freshman Ryan King said he would not vote for Bernie Sanders despite the Democratic candidate’s popularity among college students.

Commentary: Why I am not voting for Bernie Sanders

By Ryan King February 10, 2016
Aside from his terrible economic ideas, Bernie Sanders also has another problem: He will be unable to work with Congress.
Planned Parenthood became the center of a polarized debate after the release of controversial investigative videos. Several Ithaca College students have become engaged in the discussion.

Point/Counterpoint: Planned Parenthood still under fire

By Liz Alexander September 23, 2015
People don’t want to talk about abortion, but it is what we need to be talking about.

Why young people should care about healthcare

By Kari Beal November 1, 2012
The Affordable Care Act is a hot-button issue this election season. But for students, this new extension allowing them to stay on their parents insurance until the age of 26 isn’t the only health issue they should be concerned about.
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