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National recap: Over 1,200 sex offenders unaccounted for in Missouri

National recap: Over 1,200 sex offenders unaccounted for in Missouri

By Meredith Burke, Opinion Editor October 3, 2018
According to an audit report released by Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway on Oct. 1, approximately 1,300 sex criminals have failed to register in Missouri.
After Mildreds (Frances McDormand) daughter is murdered, she antagonizes the local police chief, Willoughby (Woody Harrelson) until he solves the crime.

Review: Murder mystery is biting and bitter drama

By Aidan Lentz, Staff Writer December 6, 2017
Despite its harsh and cynical tone, this is a movie about finding joy and letting go of hate.
Members of the gymnastics team come from several parts of the nation, including Missouri and Arkansas, to compete.

Gymnasts from all around the country bring talent to the floor

By Akili Dorsey Bell, Contributing Writer December 1, 2015
In recent years, members of the gymnastics team have come from several parts of the country to make a new home at the college.
Junior football player Christopher Durr tends to a patient, left, and junior wrestler Thomas Anania wraps a football player’s ankle, right, while in the athletic training room in the Athletics and Events Center on Oct. 7.

Student-athletes take on demands of athletic training program

By Lauren Murray, Contributing Writer October 7, 2015
Students majoring in athletic training learn how to balance participating in a varsity sport, while keeping up with the requirements of the major.
Michael Smith, associate professor in the history department, wrote a profile on Rev. Mel West, who helped develop and distribute wheelchairs to developing countries, in the Christian Science Monitor.

Commentary: Minister distributes wheelchairs internationally

By Michael Smith September 16, 2015
“Many have been literally crawling in the dirt as beggars, and then they get a PET and are truly mobile for the first time."
Kathleen and David Newport encourage students to keep fighting for the rights of all people, but in a lawful, practical way, like registering to vote.

Commentary: Students should re-evaluate protest approach

By David and Kathleen Newport December 9, 2014

We applaud the Ithaca College students who felt compelled to take to the streets of Ithaca recently to protest and to bring light to national issues of racial and social injustice. It brings us hope that,...

Letter to the Editor: The privileged must get involved with Ferguson

By Rebecca Plotkin December 3, 2014

What role does an affluent white teenager — literally and figuratively thousands of miles away from the Michael Brown case — play in the wake of the decision against the indictment of Darren Wilson?...

A Ferguson October participant kneels at a memorial dedicated to  Michael Brown on Canfield Drive in Ferguson, Missouri, where he was shot and killed.

Commentary: Police brutality is unacceptable must be addressed

By Sarah Pearson October 28, 2014
On Oct. 9, exactly two months after Michael Brown’s death, I traveled 875 miles to Ferguson, Missouri, from Ithaca, New York, to attend Ferguson October.
Protesters gather outside of the Ithaca City Hall to show support for the families of the teenagers involved in the Aug. 9 incident. Over 200 people held signs and spoke in support of the cause.

Point/Counterpoint: Myrick’s new police proposal sparks debate

By John Joly and Svante Myrick September 3, 2014
Mayor Svante Myrick proposes a police reform act and meets opposition from the Ithaca Police Benevolent Association, Inc.
Michael Brown shooting brings racial inequality to light

Michael Brown shooting brings racial inequality to light

By Sean Eversley Bradwell August 27, 2014

I am a 42-year-old black man with a PhD from an Ivy League university. It doesn’t matter. At various times, I was a younger man who stole from convenience stores, swore in public, listened to loud music,...

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