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‘Popcorn Premieres’ – Box Office Weekend of Feb. 9

February 14, 2024
First year student hosts Logan Thompson and Ethan Kaufman share their thoughts on this weekend's top movies at the box office.

‘Pop Off!’ – Best Picture Nominees

February 14, 2024
Host first year student Ethan Kaufman brings on first year student Riley Freedman as his guest to rank the 2024 Oscar nominees for Best Picture.
LaGrange (Dua Lipa) and Argylle (Henry Cavill) dance the night away in Argylle.”

Obvious CGI outweighs performances in ‘Argylle’

By Georgie Gassaro, Staff Writer February 7, 2024
Based on a recently published novel of the same title, the film “Argylle,” released on Feb. 2, follows the journey of fictional author Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) as she discovers that her spy novels seemingly possess a fortune telling power for actual spy missions.  Elly — an introverted, quirky home-body and quintessential cat lady — befriends a dad-joke-loving spy named Aiden, who has been pursuing efforts to destroy an international espionage organization called the Division. In order to dismantle the Division, Elly must write the next chapter of her latest book and determine an ending much larger than that of her fiction spy-thrillers. 

‘Popcorn Premieres’ – Box Office Weekend of Feb. 2

February 7, 2024
First year student hosts Logan Thompson and Ethan Kaufman share their thoughts on the Grammy Awards winners and break down this week's top movies at the box office.
The Höss family and friends enjoy a the pool in the garden, separated from Auschwitz by a tall concrete wall.

‘Zone of Interest’: Atrocities through a new lens

By Matt Minton, Senior Writer February 7, 2024
A woman tries on a fur coat to see if it suits her. A group of friends sit around with coffee, talking about the weather being too hot. Siblings play together in a pool, splashing water while laughing. An officer discusses in detail him taking a plane that got him to his destination 50 minutes early. A family picks flowers together in the forest by the lake. Meanwhile, the sounds of distant screams and gunshots are heard over a wall — the only thing separating the creator from the atrocities committed.

‘Popcorn Premieres’ – Hayao Miyazaki Film Ranking

January 29, 2024
On the first episode back from the break, first year student host Logan Thompson is joined by senior Kit Stitely to break down their rankings of Hayao Miyazaki films from least favorite to greatest. The pair critique and praise the Japanese animated films as they work their way up the list.

‘Popcorn Premiers’ – “May December” (2023)

December 10, 2023
For his final episode of the season, host first-year student Logan Thompson reviews the comedy/drama Netflix film with sophomore Michael Mahtesian to discuss the actors' performances and the audience's perception of the true crime genre. Thompson continues with a recap of his favorite films of 2023 and movies he is anticipating in 2024.
From left to right: Alison Oliver (Venetia), Jacob Elordi (Felix Carton) and Barry Keoghan (Oliver Quick).

‘Saltburn’ delivers cinematically in a cruel tale of calculative lust

By Mila Ventura-Rodriguez, Staff Writer December 4, 2023
Barry Keoghan was cast as Joker in a deleted scene from Matt Reeves’s “The Batman” (2022). The timeline doesn’t line up, but you could still probably get away with calling this movie his audition tape for the role. 

‘Popcorn Premieres’ – “The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes” (2023)

December 1, 2023
This week, host first year student Logan Thomas is joined by sophomore Caleb Cackowski and senior Kit Stitely to discuss the latest film in the Hunger Games franchise, "The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes" (2023). Thompson also ranks the other movies that were released over Thanksgiving weekend.
Joaquin Phoenix in Napoleon, premiering in theaters around the world on November 22, 2023.

Napoleon: Fantastic performances marred by an inconsistent tone

By Nolan Sheehan, Staff Writer November 30, 2023
Adding onto the impressive and long-running repertoire of the famous director and writer Ridley Scott comes one of the most widely anticipated films of November, released Nov. 22. Combining his talents with world-renowned actor Joaquin Phoenix, Scott casts his own dynamic portrayal of Napoleon onto the big screen.
After a fateful near-miss, an assassin (Michael Fassbender) battles his employers and himself on an international manhunt he maintains is not personal.

‘The Killer’ slays every detail of a caper thriller

By Matt Minton, Senior Writer November 16, 2023
The titular killer (Michael Fassbender) in David Fincher’s new caper thriller, “The Killer,” never misses. Or so the man of walking contradictions claims.
Willa (Meg Ryan) and Bill (David Duchovny) reconnect in an airport during a snow storm, leaving them unable to continue their travels.

Meg Ryan’s newest rom-com leaves us asking ‘What Happens Later’

By Sarah Mooney, Staff Writer November 16, 2023
“What Happens Later,” directed by Meg Ryan, was released Nov. 3. The movie brings back the old romantic comedy flare that can be found in Ryan’s past films. The film follows two love interests as they wait for their pending flights and is a perfect watch if you need the dreadful airport layover to be romanticized. 
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