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Commentary: Students must acknowledge homelessness

Commentary: Students must acknowledge homelessness

By Maria Bushby September 3, 2019

Hold on to your hats, everybody; you’re going to see a word I have literally seen people cringe at: “homeless.” Our society has created a strong negative stigma around those experiencing homelessness...

Junior Elena Piech is an Emerging Media major studying in Buenos Aires for the Spring 2018 semester.

Piech in Palermo: Villa miseria reveals hidden poverty

By Elena Piech, Columnist April 4, 2018
When I visited the Retiro Bus Station and saw that people had made homes behind it, my eyes were opened to the neglected areas residing in the shadows of this city.
Hell or High Water is the story of two brothers who are desperate to escape poverty and better the lives of their family. Their plans go awry when they attract the attention of an aging local sherif with a death wish.

Review: Rural backdrop steals the show in bank heist thriller

By Aidan Lentz, Contributing Writer February 21, 2017
The dialogue in "Hell or High Water" is fantastic throughout — It paints portraits of deeply flawed yet compelling characters who feel all too real.

Conservatives care about poverty, too

By Kyle Stewart March 29, 2016
When Republicans avoid discussing poverty, it appears that they do not care about people in need. This needs to change.

Township Series: Part Three

By Michelle Boulé, Blogger March 2, 2012
I have pointed out many of the differences between townships and the United States but there are still similarities. The children sing songs by Nicki Minaj or Drake and if you get the antenna just right, a fairly clear picture on the TV emerges and an American sitcom comes on. Mama Nosintho acted like my…

Township Series: Part Two

By Michelle Boulé, Blogger February 29, 2012
  Mama Nosintho and I walked from the mini bus stop to her house. Along the way she stopped and talked to everyone we met along the way. I soon became lost trying to distinguish who was a cousin, who was a neighbor, or who was a kid she used to babysit. We passed several…

Township Series: Part One

By Michelle Boulé, Blogger February 27, 2012
Pieces of broken glass crunched into the sand under my feet as I walked. The air was dusty and smelled of garbage that was for too long neglected and left to rot by the side of the road. The sun is hot, burning my skin even through my clothes. Stray dogs wander through the streets…
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