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Editorial: Giving for self-fulfillment perpetuates inequality

Editorial: Giving for self-fulfillment perpetuates inequality

By The Ithacan April 26, 2023
Normalizing donations to sources that are simply for self-fulfillment holds people back from being part of an actual change.
Editorial: Tenure system needs to be about advancing education

Editorial: Tenure system needs to be about advancing education

By The Ithacan April 5, 2023
The original purpose of the tenure system was to promote academic freedom, encourage exploring new concepts and challenge the classroom with new ideas
Senior Angel Sohu discusses finding love in a cisgender society. Sohus views reflect her own unique experiences in life and do not represent the perspectives of all transgender women.

Commentary: Why I choose Manolos over men

By Angel Sohu March 23, 2021
As I grew older, I began to realize a pattern: I tend to have an urge to buy a new pair of shoes every time a romantic endeavor fails.
Racial politics in higher ed

Racial politics in higher ed

By Mahad Olad November 6, 2019

On Sept. 30, Harvard University won a lawsuit against Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA), a conservative legal organization hell-bent on wiping out affirmative action programs on college campuses in the...

Freshmen Dhruv Iyengar and Katie Nevils rehearse a scene from Kenneth Lonergan’s play “This is Our Youth.” IC Second Stage,  a student-run theatre group, is staging the production, which tells the story of three teenagers entering adulthood during the Reagan era.

Student-run production explores coming of age in the ’80s

By Emily Lussier, Contributing Writer March 28, 2018
The play is a coming-of-age story about three privileged teenagers — Warren, Dennis and Jessica — who are living in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.
Alicia Swords, associate professor of sociology and director of the honors program at Ithaca College, uses progressive stacking in her classroom. Progressive stacking is a technique used by group facilitators to ensure minority voices are heard by allowing members of minority communities to speak before members of majority communities.

Progressive stacking used to address inequality in classrooms

By Brontë Cook, Staff Writer November 15, 2017
“When privilege is normal in your life, equity feels like oppression — that’s the epitome of what we're talking about here,” Nolan Cabrera said.
From the anthropological perspective, lecturer Valerie Foster Githinji makes the argument that ‘race’ is a social construct to which people throughout history have attached biological significance.

Commentary: Race is a social construct

By Valerie Foster Githinji February 10, 2016
Indeed, the concept of ‘race’ as it pertains to human beings is scientifically null and void — but of course, it certainly has a lived, biological reality.

How privilege and ignorance protect racism

By Marissa Booker, Columnist November 11, 2015
When one is accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

Letter to the Editor: The privileged must get involved with Ferguson

By Rebecca Plotkin December 3, 2014

What role does an affluent white teenager — literally and figuratively thousands of miles away from the Michael Brown case — play in the wake of the decision against the indictment of Darren Wilson?...

I too, am Harvard…

By Jeremy Li April 16, 2014

Diversity is something often talked about here at Ithaca College. Right now the College is going full-out on implementing series workshops and classes on "Microaggression," which is the aggregated hurtful...

Commentary: Weekend retreat shapes college experience

By Tessa Crisman October 23, 2013

I heard about the Cross-Cultural Leadership Retreat, which is Nov. 8–10 this year, during my first year at Ithaca College from a few friends in my residence hall who participated in it. While it sounded...

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