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Chris Holmes, professor in the Department of Literature and English, writes about Trumps impact on gun violence.

Commentary: Trump exacerbates gun violence in the U.S.

By Chris Holmes February 8, 2024
To understand the true danger of a second Trump presidency, one must look with clarity at his party’s relationship to guns and gun violence.
A discussion event held by the Park Center for Independent Media hosted a panel of Ithaca College faculty members who analyzed the results of the midterm election.

Panelists analyze midterm election results

By Sam Haut November 14, 2018
A panel of Ithaca College faculty members discussed the winners and effects of the recent midterm election and the role the media played in key races.
National Recap: Republican health care bill falls flat

National Recap: Republican health care bill falls flat

By Celisa Calacal, Opinion Editor March 29, 2017
Despite promises to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, the GOP's attempt to pass a health care overhaul bill has failed.
Tiffani Ziemann will be leaving her position as Title IX Coordinator at Ithaca College.

Title IX’s future is uncertain under the Trump administration

By Sophia Adamucci, Staff Writer November 30, 2016
Many are concerned about whether the new provisions in Title IX will remain in place in a Trump presidency.
Freshman Scott Powell, a member of Ithaca College Republicans, writes that the party must  restructure its platform, particularly on immigration and opening better paths to citizenship.

Commentary: Republican Party must reform immigration policy

By Scott Powell November 16, 2016
While there are several issues the party needs to tweak its stance on to survive in the coming millennia, the most pressing is that of immigration reform.

GOP’s time to lead

By Kyle Stewart November 16, 2016
Our nation must continue to be a beacon of freedom and hope for our citizens and those wishing to immigrate here.
Junior Kyle Stewart watches as election results come in throughout the night of Nov. 8 during ICTV’s “Election Center.” He writes that the Republican Party must challenge Trump.

Commentary: Republican Party can survive after Trump

By Kyle Stewart, Columnist November 9, 2016
Republicans in the Senate and the House of Representatives must get to work on a comprehensive vision for the American people.

Donald Trump lacks GOP values

By Kyle Stewart February 10, 2016
Conservatives value their commitment to the Constitution. Donald Trump values himself.
Planned Parenthood became the center of a polarized debate after the release of controversial investigative videos. Several Ithaca College students have become engaged in the discussion.

Point/Counterpoint: Planned Parenthood still under fire

By Liz Alexander September 23, 2015
People don’t want to talk about abortion, but it is what we need to be talking about.

Video: Snap Judgment – Most important issues in presidential campaign

By Tiffany Ruff October 23, 2012
As the presidential campaign draws closer we asked students what issues they thought were most important in the presidential campaign.
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