March 24, 2023
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Review: Death Valley Girls album takes a spiritual journey

By | Mar 22, 2023

“Islands in the Sky” is a culmination of the psychedelic doom boogie sound that Death Valley Girls has been developing since their debut album in 2014.

Review: Video game adaptation lives up to the hype

By | Mar 22, 2023

“The Last of Us” does exactly what every video game adaptation should do: capture the heart and essence of the story.

Review: Miley Cyrus takes fans on a summer vacation

By | Mar 22, 2023

In “Endless Summer Vacation,” a self-assured Miley Cyrus provides listeners with 43 minutes of pure escapism.

Review: New ‘Scream’ installment stabs its fans in the back

By | Mar 22, 2023

After the 2022 “Scream” movie revitalized the franchise for a new generation of slasher fans, it’s sad to say that “Scream VI” takes a step backward.

Review: Logic’s new album takes fans through rise to fame

By | Mar 22, 2023

“College Park” feels like an autobiographical take on rapper Logic’s life, revealing great detail through narration and compelling lyrics.

Review: Period drama gives stunning portrait of Emily Brönte

By | Mar 21, 2023

Although the events of director Frances O’Connor’s “Emily” are somewhat fictional, the film gives Emily Brönte a second life.

Review: Gorillaz sets off in a new direction on vibey record

By | Mar 8, 2023

“Cracker Island” is the most personal a Gorillaz album has ever felt, taking a more laid-back approach to its sound.

Review: Action comedy gives viewers a real high

By | Mar 7, 2023

“Cocaine Bear” embraces its absurdity, actively giving its audience what it came for: a 500-pound bear getting high on cocaine.

Review: Caroline Polachek visualizes desire on new record

By | Mar 7, 2023

“Desire, I Want to Turn Into You” is a convincing title: Polachek seems to be so obsessed with desire itself that she wants to become an emotion.

Review: Third ‘Ant-Man’ film shrinks its potential

By | Mar 1, 2023

It has never been more clear than with “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” that Marvel Studios has sacrificed quality for quantity.

Review: New Skrillex album is fun but overstays its welcome

By | Mar 1, 2023

“Quest for Fire” marks a solid return for Skrillex, although it begs the question: was anyone really asking for more Skrillex in 2023?

Review: Andy Shauf is back with ambitious concept album

By | Feb 27, 2023

“Norm” sees Andy Shauf return to another fascinating concept album in one of his most ambitious undertakings to date.