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Review: Serene album awakens senses with peaceful instrumentals

By | Mar 26, 2014

With it’s peaceful percussion, Tycho’s “Awake” pleases with gentle musicality.

Week in Rewind: March 16-22, 2014

By | Mar 23, 2014

Television news top stories from the week of March 16-22, 2014.

Review: Spirited debut from ‘Glee’ star addresses love and mourning

By | Mar 19, 2014

Emotional debut from “Glee” star is a bravely addresses love and mourning.

Review: Mediocre story robs game of quality

By | Mar 19, 2014

Stealthy action title stumbles over a confounding plot and clumsy characterization.

Review: Uninspired race flick sputters and stalls

By | Mar 19, 2014

Sub-par acting and morally questionable chases hinder race flick.

Review: Endless battles slay plot clarity

By | Mar 19, 2014

Endless battles lay waste to action movie’s plot.

Review: Rock band strays from strengths

By | Mar 19, 2014

New experimental sound hurts rock veteran’s latest album.

Week in Rewind: March 9-15, 2014

By | Mar 16, 2014

Top television news stories from March 9-15, 2014.

Review: Blues singer sticks to strengths

By | Mar 5, 2014

Rhythm-and-blues singer occasionally veers off track, but ultimately knows what she does best.

Review: Release from psych-pop duo fashions moody dance beats

By | Mar 5, 2014

Psych-pop duo merge moody electronics with hip-hop beats on “Voices.”

Review: Divine styling struggles to resurrect biblical drama

By | Mar 5, 2014

Good looks just save Biblical drama from the realm of mediocrity.

Review: First-class casting saves dubious thriller

By | Mar 5, 2014

Superb performances maintain suspense in hard-to-believe thriller.