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September 24, 2018   |   Ithaca, NY

Review: Musician rocks electronica genre with debut album

By | Mar 5, 2013

French house musician Kavinsky crafts a strong first album with funk-driven vibes and heavy synth-pop sound.

Review: Cast drives dysfunctional family-themed play

By | Mar 5, 2013

Performances shine in Kitchen Theatre Company’s “Crooked,” a coming-of-age play written by Catherine Trieschmann.

Review: Australian pop-rock band releases catchy new album

By | Mar 5, 2013

Atlas Genius debuts its first album with strong instrumentals and dance-inducing beats.

Review: Inconsistent script hinders supernatural romance movie

By | Feb 27, 2013

Acting and writing fail to stimulate in the film adaptation of the original novel, “Beautiful Creatures.”

Review: Talented cast delivers realistically romantic performance

By | Feb 27, 2013

Film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel “Safe Haven,” shines with cast and directing.

Review: Lead actor Charlie Sheen delivers poor performance in film

By | Feb 27, 2013

Confusing plot, lackluster acting and unrealistic script in film, “A Glimpse Inside the Mild of Charles Swan III.”

Review: Talented cast succeeds with Shakespearean tragic comedy

By | Feb 27, 2013

Ithaca Shakespeare Company delivers a strong and entertaining production of William Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice.”

Review: Dubstep album fails with mediocre quality

By | Feb 26, 2013

Disc jockey Flux Pavilion misfires with his new album, “Blow the Roof.”

Review: Brooklyn band generates indie rock sound

By | Feb 26, 2013

Indie rock band Beach Fossils blend bright sound and melancholy vocals in a strong new album.

Review: ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ misfires with action gimmicks

By | Feb 20, 2013

Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney star in “Die Hard” revival.

Review: Videogame expands tactical role playing genre

By | Feb 20, 2013

“Fire Emblem: Awakening” refines the Tactical Role Playing Genre and maintains classic features.

Review: Indie rock band channels eclectic sound

By | Feb 19, 2013

Foals explores a wide range of subgenres in their new album “Holy Fire.”