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Review: Music score and cast shine in sci-fi movie

By | Apr 4, 2013

Strong acting compensates for confusing plot in sci-fi film “The Host.”

Review: Video game triumphs with refined combat

By | Apr 4, 2013

“BioShock: Infinite” provides impressive combat mechanics and a clever and complex story.

Review: Electro-pop band releases energetic album

By | Apr 3, 2013

Electronic band Depeche Mode expands its sound with alternate styles in new album, “Delta Machine.”

Review: The Strokes mix old sounds and new styles

By | Apr 3, 2013

American rock band The Strokes integrate synthetic style with traditional garage-rock sound in new album, “Comedown Machine.”

Review: Combat choreography stands out in action flick

By | Apr 3, 2013

Clever script and star-studded cast excel in suspense movie “Olympus Has Fallen.”

Review: Predictable plot backfires in action movie

By | Apr 3, 2013

Impressive action sequences fail to compensate bland acting in “G.I. Joe: Retaliation.”

Review: Timberlake releases unconventional pop album

By | Mar 27, 2013

Timberlake’s new album “The 20/20 Experience” combines multiple music elements in a disorganized compilation.

Review: Garage rock band crafts memorial album

By | Mar 27, 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s latest album is inspired by the death of vocalist and guitarist Robert Levon Been’s father, Michael Been.

Review: ‘Stoker’ stands out with striking cinematography

By | Mar 27, 2013

Director Park Chan-wook’s latest film, ‘Stoker,’ delivers an eerie and visually arresting psychological thriller.

Review: Abstract exhibit showcases local artists’ work

By | Mar 27, 2013

The Handwerker Gallery’s latest exhibition, “First Person, Twice Removed,” dazzles with abstract pieces.

Review: Clever script and cast carries college-admission film

By | Mar 27, 2013

Sloppy editing does not prevent actors Tina Fey and Paul Rudd from excelling in heartwarming comedy, “Admission.”

Review: Action video game offers thrilling combat

By | Mar 21, 2013

New Tomb Raider video game reveals the back story of female protagonist Lara Croft.