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Ken (Ryan Gosling) tags along with Barbie (Margot Robbie) on her journey to the human world.

Review: “Barbie” proves pink is the new black

By Molly Fitzsimons, Co-Life and Culture Editor August 17, 2023
Beautiful, brilliant, Barbie. The highly anticipated “Barbie” movie from Greta Gerwig was one that has been on my Letterboxd watch list since the first trailer was released Dec. 16, and in no way did it disappoint. Between the set design and costumes — accurate to the dolls and playhouses created by Mattel — not only was “Barbie” easy on the eyes, but pulled at every heartstring possible. 
Damien Chazelle directs a retelling of the first moon landing. Ryan Gosling as Neil Armstrong and Claire Foy as his wife, Janet, add emotional complexity to the depiction of space travel.

Review: ‘First Man’ is a terrifying tale of moon mission

By Liam Conway, Staff Writer October 22, 2018
“First Man” isn’t entertaining throughout every small step but ends with one giant leap that makes it worthwhile.
Deja View: Is Blade Runner 2049 the perfect sequel?

Deja View: Is ‘Blade Runner 2049’ the perfect sequel?

By Kendyl Bennett, Podcast Editor October 11, 2017

This week on Deja View, reviews editor Jake Leary sat down with staff writer Charlie Musante about "Blade Runner 2049" and decides whether Denis Villeneuve's "Blade Runner" sequel lives up to the...

Set several decades after the events of Blade Runner, Blade Runner 2049 follows K (Ryan Gosling) as he uncovers the murky history of the Blade Runners.

Review: Stellar science fiction sequel cuts deep

By Charlie Musante, Staff Writer October 10, 2017
“Blade Runner” handles the idea of artificial intelligence better than most science fiction films. “2049” updates that idea for a new audience.
Review: Chazelles La La Land sings the same old tune

Review: Chazelle’s ‘La La Land’ sings the same old tune

By Mary Ford, Managing Editor January 20, 2017
Hollywood may like "La La Land," but it doesn’t need it, not nearly as much as it needs new voices, new faces, new stories and new talent.

‘The Ides of March’: Star cast shines

By Ian Carsia, Staff Writer October 12, 2011
Alluding to William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” George Clooney’s well-crafted new drama chronicles the struggle between personal integrity and political ambition.

Action flick swerves past usual themes

By Michael Reyes, Contributing Writer September 28, 2011
In “Drive,” director Nicolas Refn defies the mainstream formula for action movies by trading witty one-liners and 30-minute explosion sequences for a meaningful character struggle and a love story that doesn’t rely on a one-dimensional hot babe in a fast car.

Out For a “Drive”

By Jared Dionne September 24, 2011
Last night I went to go see that new Ryan Gosling movie, “Drive.” I only saw the preview a couple days ago after a few artists I follow on Twitter started promoting it. At first glance, it looked like a typical “car movie:” speed, adrenaline, bad guys and guns. I’ve seen “Fast and the Furious”…
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